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While both the Helen Suzman Foundation and Democratic Alliancecontinue to push their prominent campaign to decry the alleged “arbitrary” violations of the administration of the former Correctional Commissioner Arthur Fraser, the previous president appears to have restored the right to freedom that he had previously been denied.

In public an open setting for the very first time in the aftermath of the controversial parole issue. The Sunday Times revealed that the former prisoner from the Estcourt Correctional Center leaving the Sibaya Casino on Friday.He was joined by supporters, including fired employee from Luthuli House Dudu Myeni and Carl Niehauswho was chairman for a time of the Jacob Zuma Foundation and South African Airways.

As a response to a question regarding an upcoming conversation in person with Zuma Niehaus was turned down and spoke only briefly withthe Daily Outsider“I do not discuss the health or circumstances of Zuma’s former president.”In reply to questions on Zuma’s probation, Niehaus replied, “I have answered your question.Goodbye.”

One day before the time that Zuma was seen the establishment where he gambled in Durban, he addressed the crowd at the Durban People’s Park on Thursday to take part in their “national prayer of welcome” in which he explained that his strict conditions for probation had kept him to attend from the event personally .

The Daily Outsider reported that the backers were Bathabile Dlamini, Ace Magashule, Zandile Gumede, the newly exposed alleged initiators of the uprising in July Bonginkosi Khanyile and Niehaus and Ngizwe Mchunu.

“I remain in prison with extremely strict terms of probation … What house prohibitions and detention orders have caused you to feel at times in your past” colonial apartheid regime “Zuma spoke to the people on Thursday through the Video link.

A couple of hours later, he walked out of the casino with a notebook with a yellow cover.

“Probation conditions are determined by the probation officers and DCS We don’t disclose them in the public at large. We are able to confirm that this is the situation.Jacob Zuma made an application to leave his residency move to a different city.The request was accepted by the officer in charge of supervision. This implies that the approval is approved. It is in line with the terms that he was on probation.

Zumas arrested during the wee hours of 8th of July , following an incident in which Zuma was found guilty in defiance of an order of the Constitutional Court, to appear before the Zondo Commission – an outbreak of the most violent that has ever occurred in history that followed the end of apartheid.Zuma received the sentence of 15 months’ direct prison from the most powerful court.

On the 15th of August, the correctional division issued an official statement that stated that Zuma was going through “surgery” the previous day, “with further interventions planned in the coming minutes,” and that he was admitted to the hospital.

On September 1, only two months after his detention, Zuma was medically paroled.The news is welcomed with cheers by the most vocal supporters of Zuma while a range of organisations from AfriForum as well as the DA and The Helen Suzman Foundation voiced their disappointment.

In the affidavit submitted to Pretoria High Court in September, Steenhuisen filed an affid Pretoria High Court in September, DA chief John Steenhuisen declared that granting Zuma’s parole “… sends a message to all South African that as long you’re politically powerful and aware and politically well-connected, you won’t be punishedand are not required to worry “. If you break laws. If you’re detained for violating the law and found guilty and sentenced to prison, you’ll be released even before your sentence is completed.

The ANC has welcomed Zuma’s decision of resignation. “We applaud the time that was given to Zuma’s former President in order to spend time with all of his family members as well as to relax,” said ANC spokesman Pule Mabe. UDM chief Bantu Holomisa has called Zuma as per the report.

The DA seeks to overturn to invalidate the “irrational” decision of previous Correctional Services commissioner Arthur Fraser who authorised his release for Zuma medical parole despite of the advisory panel’s medical parole’s ruling that it was not reviewed and overturned.

News24 said the following: In an affidavit that was submitted before the Gauteng Court last week Prosecutor Chief Steenhuisen said, “Mr.Zuma is of the opinion that this medical records that he obtained grants him the right to parole.He also declares that anyone that wishes to challenge the legitimacy of the decision isn’t legally entitled get the info. This is an untruthful and unjustified assertion.

He is a member of the Suzman Foundation who filed motions in the High Court, Pretoria, to obtain the “record and the foundation to back the decision of national commissioner M. Zuma on parole”.Director of the Foundation Francis Antonie saidthe Daily OutsiderFraser’s decision was a sign of “arbitrary” overreach of power.

Lawson Naidoo, executive secretary of the Council for the Advancement of the South African Constitution, has also demanded that Zuma’s medical parole regulations to be removed.In a Sunday newspaper interview, Naidoo, who was not working at the when he wrote the article, said “The public needs to be aware of these rules so that we know that they’re not violating them and that Zuma isn’t penalized.Zuma is not going to receive any benefit from a particular treatment .

The Daily Outsiderpreviously stated it was Zuma, Zuma was involved in an argument between the Public Prosecutor who would like to have him examined by his own doctors.Zuma insists that they must take his medical professionals’ advice regarding it.The reason is to determine whether Zuma is able to participate in legal proceedings or appear before the court regarding the arms trade issue.

The experts appointed by the state have yet to evaluate Zuma since he has been refusing to participate in the test, but Zuma has stated that via medical evidence from Zuma’s medical professionals, Zuma is competent to be Judge.The Jacob Zuma Foundation spokesperson did not respond on the time when he spoke to the media.Contributions from you will be evaluated when they are received.

Zuma which is accused in a extortion case with two corruption cases as well as one money laundering trial and 12 fraud cases. He will be tried again on the 26th of October, to hear the results from the team’s attempts to end prosecution .


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