World Apart Receives Release Date for “Prosperity” DLC


The award-winning city building game Endzone: A World Apart is getting new downloadable content that promises to be more forgiving than the main game.

Artwork by Endzone: A World Apart DLC

In the 1990s, real-time strategy titles were practically an integral part of PC gaming. To this day, the RTS genre is enjoyed by many. Earlier this year, Gentlymad Studios’ End zone: a world of its own left Early Access on Steam and has since become an award-winning title. Well, the latest addition to the game, Prosperity, is on the horizon.

Coming to Steam and GOG this October, prosperity will add new items End zone: a world of its ownhow new materials and buildings and new challenges. The publisher describes this DLC as allowing players to breathe a little and give them the opportunity to “actually enjoy life”. With that, the developer has added some luxury items like baths and cool ales.

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In the trailer for the DLC, the narrator says the team listened to the fan base and came up with ideas to make gaming a “more comfortable experience,” and perhaps move it away from one of the more difficult RTS games. prosperity also adds some key construction elements, such as water pumps to supply water to settlements, as well as new manufacturing facilities such as a sand mine and concrete factory.

The original End zone is more than just a classic RTS game like Warcraft or Command and conquer; It’s a survival sim where players are tasked with building settlements in harsh and merciless environments. Toxic rain, sandstorms, and radiation plague the environment, making it a challenging game that requires schools, farms, and more to be built in order for a population to grow and stay alive. prosperity takes on these aspects and enables a safer way of life, for example by adding coffee, soap and cake to make life in this world more bearable.

Assemble Entertainment, who also participated in the release of modern versions of the Leisure suit Larry Games says the DLC will hit PC on October 21st. The company only says that because prosperity will focus on a more elaborate style of gameplay, but that doesn’t mean the dangers of the base game will go away. However, it seems like the developer has taken steps to make the RTS experience a little more manageable for gamers overall.

the prosperity DLC for End zone: a world of its own will be released on October 21st on Steam and GOG.

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