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A casino is planned for Walker’s Bluff.

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MARION – The Williamson County Board passed a new hosting community agreement with Walker’s Bluff Casino Resort during a special meeting on Friday.

CEO Jim Marlo said the newest HCA will protect the county’s taxpayers from incurring additional expenses related to the project in the future.

The original plan was to erect a temporary casino building, then permanent structures in several phases. The new plan announced in May provides for the construction of a permanent building in one phase instead.

Marlo said the new agreement removed information about a makeshift building, but included some language that was unclear about the county’s responsibility for new infrastructure beyond that agreed with the original casino project.

After talking to Cynde Bunch and her partner Dan Kehl from Elite Casino Resorts, they agreed to add a clause on future road costs, including utility, water and sewage costs. Before this new agreement could be passed, the board had to repeal the version approved on Monday, officials said.

The HCA sets out the details of casino resort development and lists the parties involved in the development. It must be filed with the Illinois Gaming Commission before a permanent license can be granted. The original HCA for the project was passed on June 8, 2020.

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