Will not compete again from Chamundeshwari: Siddaramaiah


Former Prime Minister Siddaramaiah on Sunday rejected new calls he is contesting from the Chamundeshwari constituency in the general election.

In response to appeals from his supporters, speaking to a gathering here at the party office, Mr Siddaramaiah not only made the above point clear, but also added that he has not yet finalized his constituency.

He claimed he received invitations from people from Badami, Koppal, Kolar, Hunsur and also Varuna. “I haven’t decided where to compete yet, but Chamundeshwari is out of the question,” he said.

Mr Siddaramaiah pointed out that he had won five times from Chamundeshwari but lost three times from then on. Victory and defeat are common in politics, the Congress leader said, claiming his government had implemented 158 of the 165 pre-election promises and introduced 30 other new programs. “Nevertheless, we were defeated,” he said.

Although he was not upset with Chamundeshwari voters, Mr Siddaramaiah said he was upset with party officials for failing to publicize the work of the party government. “If the workers had gone to the voters and informed them about our programs, we would not have lost,” he said.

Mr. Siddaramaiah also deplored the propaganda against him. He said his rivals falsely accused him of dividing the Lingayat community and failing to implement the Sadashiva Commission’s recommendations.

He claimed that the programs instituted by his government such as Anna Bhagya, Ksheera Bhagya, Indira Canteen, Loan Waiver, Shoe Bhagya, etc. have benefited the poor of all castes and communities.

last choice

Mr Siddaramaiah also made it clear that the 2023 general election would be his last campaign.

He said he would not accept any position later offered to him. “If they ask me to become a member of Rajya Sabha, I will not accept it.”

He said he was running in the next elections only to ensure the overthrow of the “corrupt and communal” BJP government.

Tour through rainy areas

Earlier, speaking to reporters, Mr Siddaramaiah said he had postponed his planned tour of rainy areas in anticipation of the presidential elections scheduled for Monday.

He called on the state government to ensure that the victims of the rain disaster are compensated within a week. Several victims of the floods that devastated the state in 2019 when BS Yediyurappa was the Chief Minister have yet to receive compensation, Mr Siddaramaiah claimed.


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