Whoa, Canada! Senate passes bill to open up the sports betting market


Canada Sports betting could start within months since the Canadian Parliament changed the nation’s criminal code to allow betting on a single game Tuesday.

The Senate of Canada Passed the invoice C-218 without changes Tuesday, 57-25 with five abstentions. Debate on the law has started Thursday but ended when the session ran out and the discussion continued Monday. The Senate postponed the third reading and the final vote by one day.

The vote of the Senate follows this House of Commons Passage in April. Now the bill goes to them Governor General that royal assent is likely to become law in the next few days.

A long time for Canada sports betting

While the amended Criminal Code allows single-game sports betting in Canadian sports betting, it is regulated at the provincial level, as the gambling industry has since then 1985. This creates a structure similar to how states regulate US Sports betting.

Bill Sponsor Senator David Wells spoke extensively in front of the Senate on consumer protection, responsible gaming and economic opportunities.

“[Provinces] have sought this change for years and are ready to respond quickly and responsibly, ”Wells said during his introductory statement on Thursday. “While we cannot dictate the regulatory practices of the Canadian provincial governments, we can make this change to a line of the Criminal Code to enable them to safely offer one-off sports betting within Canada.”

When will sports betting be introduced in Canada?

With an inkling that C-218 would happen, at least regulators are on their way Ontario and British Columbia are already working on sports betting rules.

During the recent committee meetings, various industry stakeholders offered the following schedules:

  • “By the end of 2021” David Phillips, COO at Ontario Alcohol and Gambling Commission
  • “Almost immediately,” Stewart Groumoutis, British Columbia Lottery Commission
  • “Until Labor Day” Paul Burns, President and CEO of Canadian Gambling Association

How Canada got here

Canadian provinces have offered legal parlay sports betting. But these bets are only making 500 million CAD an esteemed 14.5 billion CAD C Canadians betting on sports.

Member of the House of Commons Kevin Waugh sponsored C-218 as a private membership bill early in 2020. It became official legislation in. recorded November 2020.

The bill was discussed intensely by all of his stations, but the House of Commons passed it in April. The Senate reached final scrutiny of the bill on Thursday, despite some delays and concerns that the bill would not get to the vote.

Senate pushes back two amendments

Senator Rob Black asked if the bill would protect the Canadian horse racing industry. Wells said the bill protects the industry as C-218 doesn’t allow it fixed quotas Horse racing.

Senator Vernon White brought up the match-fixing problem and wanted a change to make it a crime. Bill supporters said Canada’s fraud law covered the problem.

A change from White missed Thursday.

Tribal problem arises

Several senators are concerned First nation Indigenous groups are excluded from a game expansion.

“If there was ever a single day we could be alert to First Nations sovereignty, it would be today.” Senator Marilou McPhedran said monday. “This bill gives us an opportunity to act.”

“Without the recognition of indigenous governments, this will further perpetuate the material disadvantage faced by many indigenous councils. Without this change, C-218 does not give the First Nations a clear path to exercise their rights. “

Wells said the bill changes a line of the criminal code and doesn’t change the regulatory framework. This framework delegates gambling regulation to the provincial level, which, according to Wells, pushes the issue well beyond the scope of C-218.

A change that allowed the explicit inclusion of the First Nations failed on Monday.

What the Canadian markets will be like

Phillips said Ontario will be a “competitive and regulated gambling market.” That should mean a bustling online sports betting market with many well known providers trying to get a part of the fifth largest US Status.

Operators likely view Ontario as the crown jewel of a legalized Canadian sports betting market.

British Columbia seems to be moving more towards a monopoly market. Groumoutis said the deals would start on PlayNow.comwho already offers parlay betting.

In May, Alberta Gaming, Spirits and Cannabis confirmed plans to add sports betting PlayAlberta.ca.

Who is seeking market share in sports betting in Canada?

A PwC Estimates suggest that bets could be generated on a single game $ 2.4 billion on the annual gross gaming income from sports betting.

Based in Canada’s largest city, Toronto, The score hopes to secure a significant portion of the available market.

Other operators with notable Canadian initiatives:


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