What are the Powerball numbers for Saturday June 4th?


June has started. Summer is coming. And the power ball Jackpot sneaked up 200 million dollars.

Almost two years have passed since a new York Resident hit the Powerball jackpot. Now a New York Lottery player wants to join the list.

The Powerball jackpot stands by $184 million before the June 4th drawing, just about $109.3 million for a cash payment.

The players must match all five white balls plus Powerball to win the jackpot bearing odds of 1 of 292,201,338. Anything can happen. After all, just last month a couple hit the $473.1 million jackpot in Arizona.

Check back here after Saturday’s drawing 11 p.m. ET to see the winning numbers.

$1 million Powerball ticket sold in Garden City

New York was a ball away from boasting a Powerball jackpot winner a week ago.

Only two tickets in the country matched all five white balls, one was sold in Florida and one in New York. The price: 1 million dollars.

According to the New York Lottery Garden City Super Pumper on Long Island sold the winning million dollar ticket for the May 28 drawing.

While it didn’t turn into a super life-changing ticket, it will surely still have an impact on this ticket holder’s existence.

Another big draw game win via Cash4Life

More recently, a lottery ticket has a grand prize in another draw game known as Cash4Life.

As the name suggests, this winner will make money. For life.

A second prize ticket was sold for the June 2nd Cash4Life drawing at AA ExpressMart in Mount Vernon. Similar to the May 28 Powerball, this ticket was missing the jackpot by one matching ball — $1,000 a day for life.

That said, the runner-up isn’t too shabby. The ticket matched five numbers (but missed the cash ball), resulting in this $1,000 a week for life.

NY Lottery scratch game pays off

Draw games aren’t the only lottery offerings that can yield big wins. A Brooklyn-based LLC can attest to this.

Tuckerhowerton LLC claimed the 10 million dollars Grand Prize of the New York Lottery 200X scratch game. The company opted for a one-time lump sum payment $6,114,124.

Bought at Novato’s grocery store in Brooklyn, the ticket holder defied the odds by matching their numbers to the winning numbers, then scratched the massive 200X symbol to win up to 200x the amount shown. How much have they defied the odds? To attempt 1 of 3,501,640.

Another $10 million prize remains unclaimed, according to the New York Lottery.


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