Waino’s back: Cardinals, their long-time ace, agree to extend it until 2022 | Derrick Goold: Bird Country


The Cardinals right-hander, who made his debut with the team in 2005 and completed a World Series championship in 2006, has signed three consecutive one-year deals to stay with the Cardinals. Shortly before the Cardinals traded for Nolan Arenado on February 1, Wainwright and the Cardinals agreed on a $ 8 million one-year deal for 2021. He had offers from other teams, including one from the San Diego Padres and at least one that was worth more guaranteed salary.

Wainwright’s performance, one of the best pitchers in the National League in the past two years and the leading player in the major league with 29 quality starts in that period, was recently independently scrutinized when the Atlanta Braves signed their veteran right-hander Charlie Morton for overtime. Morton agreed to a $ 20 million one-year deal for 2022 that set the framework for talks between the Cardinals and Wainwright.

Wainwright’s return holds the battery together as the Cardinals signed catcher Yadier Molina to an extension earlier this month. Arenado told it Postage last week that he will not cancel his contract and will be back with the Cardinals in 2022.

“I don’t want to be anywhere else,” said Wainwright during the contract announcement press conference. “Who am I kidding?”

Molina said he would retire in late 2022.

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