VC firm W Ventures is adding Baltimore-based Alloy to the portfolio


Venture capital accelerator firm W Ventures announced the addition of Alloy to its growing portfolio.

Alloy, a Baltimore-based sports betting research firm working to empower sports fans to take control of their bets, received a six-figure cash investment and six-figure marketing communications services in exchange for equity.

In order to provide sports bettors of all experience levels with easy and transparent access to sports betting data, Alloy has created a sports betting research platform.

Founded by Baltimore natives Spencer Kronthal, Brad Kronthal and Seth Sholk and former Orioles shortstop Mike Bordick, Alloy sports betting research platform combines fast personalized research, easy bet placement and real-time tracking.

The platform provides users with data to help them create their own proprietary betting algorithm, test it against eight years of historical data, and see upcoming games their algorithm proposes result in a high return on investment. Alloy aims to democratize sports betting data to give fans back control of their sports betting strategies at low cost.

The Alloy platform is the only sports betting platform where a bettor has full control and can choose every component that goes into the final sports bet in just three steps. First, using a live data feed from Sports Radar, users can select and create thousands of stat combinations and watch the results fill in in real-time to gauge success. Second, users select filters — like home or away games — to further customize stat calculations, while strategy results are continuously updated. Finally, when a user is ready to start their researched bet from the Alloy platform, they click straight to a booking platform like PointsBet to place their bet. As one of the few platforms that offers direct access to booking platforms, Alloy works with multiple platforms to allow users to check the odds and choose the platform that offers them the best odds of winning.

Alloy is currently testing its platform in beta and plans to release it to the public in Spring 2022. During initial launch, the platform will feature NBA data and analytics; It will be expanded to include NFL data and analysis ahead of the 2022 season.

W Ventures – in partnership with its sister company Warschawski, a full-service marketing communications agency – will implement a variety of integrated marketing and communications strategies ranging from website design and development and branding efforts to digital advertising and social media – Strategies ranging from improving national media exposure and increasing consumer-centric brand awareness. W Ventures and Warschawski recently completed a complete corporate rebrand, establishing a new name and developing a new logo to support continued growth.


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