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Monday was an easy day (relatively speaking) at Tuley’s Takes home office as I was able to get out and run some errands and sign up some proxy clients for the Circa and Westgate football competitions.

After my sore throat was 99 percent gone, it felt great to get out of the house and into other air-conditioned buildings. It was also fun as I met a few regular readers at each casino including Rick at Westgate who said he starts every day with Tuley’s Takes Today. That made me feel good as that has always been our number one goal with this column – to summarize the previous day’s betting results and give readers an overview of today’s betting action. Sure we try to pick winners in this, but the main aim is to be a daily guide to the gambling lifestyle and to complement the other offerings that VSiN offers to keep bettors informed of all that is happening in the sports betting landscape. It was great talking to readers who “got it”. Unfortunately I couldn’t help with a winner on Monday as I lost my best bet on the Angels -105 at the Royals and my second game on the Guardians -105 at the Red Sox. Both teams were pick-’em when I released them early Monday morning. The Guardians-Red Sox closed at PK while the Angels technically closed as a short -103 dog, but the frustrating part was the Dogs actually had a winning SU record on the day at 6-5 and I ended up on none of it while I went 0-2. The only personal consolation I had was that — as I posted in Monday’s column — I split my bets between 1.5 innings bets and game bets, and bet on both 1.5 bets when the Guardians the Red Sox 1-1 separated Angels-Royals was scoreless in the first 5 innings. While this saved me money on betting, it was just as annoying when I continued to find really strong starting pitchers only to have virtually no running support. I guess the lesson to be learned from this is to stick with the first 5 innings and hope I keep finding live pitchers and praying to get some early runs for a change. Let’s wrap up the rest of Monday’s MLB card (and drool over all the missed dog opportunities) and then look for plays on Tuesday’s full card.

Monday recap

MLB: The underdogs led 6-5, with Guardians-Red Sox closing out consensus pick-’em. Upsets came from the Nationals (+265 in a 4-1 win at the Dodgers late Monday), A’s (+190 in a 7-5 win over Astros), the Rockies (+170 in a 2-0 win at Brewers) , the Phillies (+154). in a 6-4 win over Braves), Tigers (+148 in a 12-4 win over Padres) and Orioles (+100 in a 5-1 win over Rays). The home teams dominated with 10:2. Under 8-4.

More MLB: The favorites lead the season 855-567 SU (60.1 percent) with 24 pick-’ems (the favorites usually win about 59 percent; still ahead of the pace, the gap had narrowed but was back over 60 percent ). Home teams only lead 755-691 (52.2 percent, but usually closer to 54 percent). Unders lead 712-665-67 (51.7 percent).

Takes from Tuesday

Yankees 1. 5-110 at Mets: We’ve got a two-game subway series where all of New York is talking about a subway world championship this year. In Tuesday’s matchup, the Yankees’ Jordan Montgomery (3-2, 3.24 ERA, 1.05 WHIP) meets the Mets’ Tajuan Walker (7-2, 2.55 ERA, 1.09 WHIP) -cent-juice, is the standard in 1.5 innings betting. The Yankees have the better lineup overall, plus the Mets have done a little worse against lefties (.236 a year), so I give the Yankees a bigger advantage early in the game and don’t have to worry about the bullpen letting me down. The other 1.5 underdogs I like Tuesday are the Phillies +100 with Aaron Nola vs. the Braves/Spencer Strider.

Good luck today (and every day!).


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