Tomato Festival competition winners earn bragging rights in Topsfield


Some of the craziest, heaviest, prettiest and tastiest tomatoes in town had their day in front of the court of public opinion at the Topsfield Tomato Festival.

An estimated 700 people attended the Proctor School for music, activities and food on Sunday, September 12th. Some are putting their best tomato growing and cooking skills to the test in competitions for adults and children, and the highly anticipated results are there.

The fire department threw down gauntlets in the tomato public safety competition, but the health department won with two first places. Mathew Musci cleaned up the Elementary Tomato Contest and took two first and one second place. And nobody could catch up with Nancy Smith, who was the front runner in three out of five categories in the adult competition.

Competition was particularly fierce among public safety departments. While the DPW won for the most beautiful tomato and the police won for the tastiest tomato, Health and Fire won more awards overall.

Fire chief Jen Collins-Brown had thrown gauntlets in the run-up to the competition and thanked the other public safety departments for being “good sport, facing the challenge and gracious losers of the competition”.

It was of course a good-natured glove, so we got in touch with her after the winners were announced. We asked, “You didn’t win first place in any category, but four out of five times you got second place. What do you have to take away? “

Collins-Brown said, “I am proud of my public safety partners who rose to my challenge and wholeheartedly accepted the competition. I believe that my team’s performance has been consistent and reliable, as has our day-to-day work. “

Wendy Hansbury and the health department were reluctant to act in the weeks leading up to the day of the festival. Hansbury had said, “We’re very excited about an entry loop,” but her department won for heaviest tomato and craziest tomato in the end.

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The categories and winners of the tomato competitions and the scarecrow scavenger hunt raffle are listed here.

Mathew Musci did very well in the Elementary Tomato Contest, winning two first places and one second place.

Basic tomato competition

The hardest: Mathew Musci

Lightest ripe tomato: Carey Walsh and Grace Timulty

Best matched set of 3: Mathew Musci

Most colorful group of 3 to 7 tomatoes: Lexie Ponikvar

The craziest tomato: Veronica Bloxam

Tomato competition for adults

Heaviest: Nancy Smith

Best matched set of 3: Joe Prinzi

Basket full of abundance: Nancy Smith

The craziest tomato: Maureen Sabino

Tastiest tomato: Nancy Smith

A young girl looks at a sunflower at the Nourishing the North Shore Table.  On the right is program coordinator Addy Shreffler.

Public Safety Tomato Contest


  1. Bless you
  2. Fire

Best matched set of 3

  1. DPW
  2. police
  3. Bless you

The craziest tomato

  1. Bless you
  2. Fire

Most beautiful tomato

  1. DPW
  2. Fire
  3. Bless you

Tastiest tomato

  1. police
  2. Fire
  3. Bless you
Performs the Proctor School Band.

Cooking competition

Salsa / salad / desserts

  1. Tracy Cassidy
  2. Andy Turcotte
  3. Bethany Mullen
  4. Michael Reyes

Tomato sauce

  1. Chris Galat
  2. Sawyer Drozdowicz
  3. Crystal DiBartolomeo
  4. Mark Liptak

Starter / appetizer

  1. Donna Ryan
  2. Ed Jelinek
  3. Janelle Pescatore
  4. Essex Tech culinary program
An estimated 700 people attended the Topsfield Tomato Festival in the Proctor School grounds on Sunday September 12th.

Scarecrow Scavenger Hunt Prize Draw

Children’s basket: Everett Bartlett

Topsfield Fair Tickets: Sasha DeAmario

Bird Watching Basket: Kellie Nault

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