The woman pays 19,681 RM, but does not get a loan of 20,000 RM


MELAKA: It sounds unbelievable, but a 23-year-old entrepreneur from Masjid Tanah here paid RM 19,681 in processing fees for a RM 20,000 loan that she never received.

Supt E. Sundra Rajan, chief executive of Melaka Commercial Crime, said it was baffling why the victim, who owns a catering company, paid an amount almost equal to the amount of the loan they are applying for through an online lender wanted what later turned out to be a fraud.

“The case doesn’t make sense, but our investigation found that the same scammer defrauded eight people using the same tactic, with all victims estimated at RM 72,000 in casualties.

“This shows that despite media reports of the spread of such scammers, many gullible people still fall for credit fraud,” he said yesterday.

Supt Sundra Rajan said the victim deposited the amount into five different bank accounts of the scammer between January 30 and February 5.

“On January 29, the victim saw an online ad from a loan company.

“She requested the amount,” he said, adding that the fraudster’s number had been tagged at, the police’s Semak Mule application for identifying potential fraudsters.

Supt Sundra Rajan said the victim then corresponded with a man who instructed them to deposit RM 19,681 as processing fees and stamp duty fees.

He said the victim decided to file a police report with Masjid Tanah Police Station when she did not get the credit.

Supt Sundra Rajan confirmed that the case is being investigated for fraud under Section 420 of the Criminal Code.


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