The winners of the “Date the Beautiful Sichuan” Photo and Quiz Contest are announced


The “Date the Beautiful Sichuan” Photo Contest unveiled its list of winners on November 17. The event is co-hosted by the Sichuan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism and the China Daily website.

After a comprehensive evaluation of the works in terms of international communication value, subject matter and photographic ability, 5 awards for outstanding work and 5 awards for outstanding participation were awarded.

By the October 20th deadline, the organizer had received around 400 photo submissions from almost 100 participants from Canada, France, Pakistan, Indonesia, China and other countries. The photographic works depict Sichuan cityscape, local customs, cultural and natural heritage, cultural relics and museums, cultural and creative industries, cuisine, opera, song and dance, etc.

The excellent works will be exhibited on the China Daily website, China Daily App and overseas cooperative media platforms.

The quiz competition “How much do you know about Sichuan, the panda’s hometown?” contains 12 interesting Chinese-English bilingual questions about Sichuan in terms of natural and cultural heritage, eating habits, specialties, etc. The quiz is on the culture and tourism of Sichuan aligned icons. Since its launch on China Daily App, it has received wide attention from netizens and seen nearly 1000 participants. 50 lucky participants were randomly selected.

China Daily will send beautiful and practical cultural and creative gifts to 5 Excellent Works award winners, 5 Excellent Participation award winners for the Photo Contest, and 50 lucky quiz participants. The list of winners is attached. Thank you for your attention and participation!

Some of the winning entries of the photo competition:

Sichuan through the eyes of a Pakistani student. “I’ve been studying in Sichuan for three years and find the province interesting for its large modern cities, such as the capital Chengdu, as well as its beautiful natural landscapes. Unlike Beijing and Shanghai and other megacities in China, life in Chengdu is comparatively slow and people are not that busy. You can always find crowds waiting outside restaurants or playing mahjong.” (Photographer: Ubaid Malik, Pakistan)


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