The casino industry donated 6 times more to Republican candidates than to Democrats


Posted on: Nov 5, 2022 at 6:05 am.

Last updated on: November 5th, 2022, 06:05 am.

Republican candidates running for Congress received six times more money from the casino industry than Democrats this election cycle. The numbers came in at a staggering $15.5 million versus $2.6 million, according to an analysis of 100,000 federal campaign records play USA. The four largest political donations from members of the casino industry funded the GOP, according to the analysis. And this imbalance was seen both in the executive suites and by the staff on the casino floor.

Red casino chips
This election season, casino industry employees have overwhelmingly backed Republican nominees for Congress regardless of income, according to a new report. (Image:

Top Casino-Related Donations

Corresponding play usa, The gambling industry’s four biggest political contributors have been to conservative candidates and causes.

  1. Miriam Adelson – $10 million. Sheldon Adelson’s widow and majority shareholder of Las Vegas Sands presented her donation to the Congressional Leadership Fund, which supports Republican candidates for the US House of Representatives.
  2. Fertitta Family – $2.45 million. Station Casinos CEO Frank Fertitta III, his brother Lorenzo and several close relatives made donations to GOP candidates and other causes.
  3. Phil Ruffin – $750,000. The owner of casino resorts Treasure Island and Circus Circus, along with his wife, made the third-largest overall political contribution, which included a $500,000 donation to Make America Great Again Action Inc., Donald Trump’s top political action committee.
  4. Joel R Carter Sr. – $315,000. The conservative contributions of the co-founder and president of Gulfside Casino Partnership, which owns Island View Casino in Gulfport, Miss., include $120,000 to the Trump-Graham Majority Fund, a political action committee led by Donald Trump and Sen. Lindsey Graham (RS.C.) takes control of the Senate.
  5. Jim Murren – $87,000. The largest bet on blue to make the top 5 came from the former CEO of MGM Resorts, who donated $87,000 to Democratic congressional candidates.

A major contributor who is in the play USA The analysis came from Stanton Dodge, general counsel of sports betting company DraftKings, who donated $71.5,000 to Republican congressional candidates and $67.6,000 to Democratic candidates.

Casino Floors also bet on red

Even among casino workers, Republicans received about $1.50 for every $1 donated to Democrats play USA. (The average political donation from a casino worker was $15.)

Experts have offered a number of explanations for this non-wealth imbalance play USA. They suggested that gambling has been particularly hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic shutdowns, which have typically been imposed by Democratic governors. They also noted that donations from corporate political action committees tend to favor incumbents, and Democrats have controlled both houses of Congress since 2021. In addition, experts noted that workers who want to support Democrats do so primarily through their unions.

Because most Americans who vote never donate to political campaigns, play USA Beware, it’s not possible to extrapolate from the posts how an entire industry will vote. In addition, personal policies sometimes differ from company policies. Even the posts someone makes knowing they are publicly viewable do not necessarily reflect how they will vote privately.


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