The Arkansas Dairy Foods competition winners have been announced


LITTLE ROCK — Caitlin Cooper, 14, of Romance, White County, and Lauren Powell, 15, of Lowell, Benton County, are the winners of the 2022 Arkansas Dairy Foods Contest.

The contest is divided into two categories – Main Course and Party Ideas contests. Cooper’s Three Cheese Spinach Alfredo Pasta recipe won in the Main Course category, while Powell’s Mini Cinnamon Roll Cheesecake recipe took first place in the Party Ideas category. Each contestant had to send in a copy of their recipe, a summary of why they chose it and a video of them making the dish. The judges then reviewed each contestant’s submission before making a decision. Cooper and Powell were selected over three other finalists in their categories and each received a prepaid $150 gift card as their prize.

“I like my recipe because it’s simple and easy to make and delicious,” said Cooper, daughter of Cameron and Melissa Cooper.

Powell is the daughter of Jeremy and Tracey Powell. “This recipe is good for any type of party, but it also makes a great dessert for any delicious meal,” she said. “I think the creamy cinnamon-spicy cheesecake would go well with a Mexican dinner party.”

The finalists in the entree category were 16-year-old Andrew Huett from Elizabeth, second place; 13-year-old Colton Loving of Delaware, third; and nine-year-old Hannah Evans of Jonesboro, fourth. The party ideas contest finalists were 12-year-old Charlotte Roberts of Lonsdale, second; 18-year-old Savannah Loving from Delaware, third place; and 11-year-old Penelope Samons of Pencil Bluff, fourth.

The annual Arkansas Dairy Foods Contest is sponsored by the Arkansas Farm Bureau and the Arkansas Dairy Cooperative Association and takes place during National Dairy Month in June.

Lauren Powell, 15, of Lowell, Benton County


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