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HOWELL, NJ – Welcome to the Monday Guide highlighting upcoming events or reminders in Howell.

Deadlines for nature photography

The Manasquan Reservoir Environmental Center is calling for entries for the 2023 Manasquan Reservoir Photo Exhibit.

You have to think seasonally and submit entries throughout the year for the exhibition, which runs from February 1st to February 28th.

This year’s theme is ‘Nature’s Treasures’ and there are three more seasons to capture in photos.

Here are the basic rules of the competition:

  • Departments: youth or adult.
  • Categories: general photography or wildlife photography. Each photographer can submit one photo for each category per season.
  • Entry fee: $5 per photo, while youth entries can enter for free.
  • Seasonal registration deadlines that remain are: Spring, June 26; Summer, September 25; Autumn, December 4th.

For more information on the Manasquan Reservoir exhibit email Paul Mandala at [email protected] A registration form can be found here.

The Manasquan Reservoir Environmental Center, located at 331 Georgia Tavern Road in Howell, is dedicated to providing learning and discovery experiences related to wetland ecology and wildlife and habitat conservation. Designed to connect visitors with their natural world, the environmental center emphasizes the importance of water. An exhibition shows fish found in the reservoir outside. Another traces the journey of a raindrop traveling through the watershed to the Manasquan River and finally reaching the ocean.

Howell to streamline shooting range fees and rules

HOWELL, NJ — The borough council is scheduled to hold a hearing at its next meeting on May 24 to pass an ordinance to change how outside agencies use the firing range behind police headquarters.
Howell would revise the fee structure and establish additional rules related to safe and efficient use of the area, according to the council’s agenda. The regulation was introduced on May 10th. No further details were given on the agenda.

The council meeting will be held in the Howell Township Municipal Building, Main Meeting Room.
4567 Route 9 North. The board meeting starts at 6:00 p.m. and the regular meeting starts at 7:00 p.m


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