Star Entertainment Production completes four talent competitions


08/12/2021 3:26 PM IS

Jaipur (Rajasthan) [India]August 12th (ANI / PNN): Saurav Anand (Founder) and Akanksha (Director) of Star Entertainment Production presented Jaipur on 1st.
“At Star entertainment Production, we are known for providing a platform for young and fresh faces, and we are excited to offer this opportunity to talented people,” said Saurav Anand.
“It’s interesting to see this new talent participate, be nurtured and shine brightly,” said Akanksha.
Participants from different parts of India such as Maharashtra, Delhi, Karnataka, Kerala, Jharkhand, Bihar and others have been nominated for the Grand Final.
Well-known faces Rohit Khandelwal and Suman Rao were the juries for the grand finale. The show was directed and choreographed by Lokesh Sharma.

The winners in the Miss Teen category were Palak Jain (winner), Khushi Verma from (1st runner-up) and Sanskriti Sharma (2nd runner-up)
The winners of the Mr Teen category were Nishant Singh Rajput (winner), Hari Vignesh (1st runner-up) and Priyanshu Chauhan (2nd runner-up)
The winners of the Miss Face of India category were Anju Krishna Ashok (winner), Kajal Pawar von (1st runner-up), Sheryashri (2nd runner-up)
The winners in the Mr. Face of India category were Amal Rajesh von (winner), Pratik Darku (1st runner-up) and Ganesh Shetty (2nd runner-up)
The event followed safety precautions and the organizers followed all social distancing norms as per Covid-19 guidelines.
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