Sports betting is bringing more people to Deadwood


DEADWOOD, SD (KELO) – It’s been two weeks since sports betting became legal in South Dakota – and it’s already bringing more people to Deadwood.

Last November, 58 percent of voters approved a constitutional amendment to allow sports betting.

People from all over the world are playing a new way of playing in South Dakota, including Terry Green. He drove from Hermosa to Deadwood.

“I’ve been waiting for sports betting in Deadwood for a while and they have it now, so we’re in business,” said Terry Green, player.

Green is excited to see how the western South Dakota city continues to integrate sports betting.

“The game is so much more fun. You’re excited, you watch every game, every touchdown and for me it’s just a great experience. When you’re in control, managing your money, and all that most people do, it can be a really fun way to enjoy sports, ”said Terry Green.

But it took a lot of work to make sports betting legal in South Dakota.

“It’s been a long process, but we’re successful and we were able to place our first sports bet here in Deadwood on September 9th,” said Rodman.

These first bets were made by Mayor Dave Ruth Jr. and former Senator Bob Ewing.

“Now anyone who comes to town can find their favorite sports books in town and place those bets,” said Mayor Dave Ruth Jr.

Cadillac Jacks Resort General Manager, David Schneiter, has learned a lot since those first bets were placed.

“We walk before we run and that’s basically the way we do it here at Cadillac Jack’s with the South Dakota Commission on Gaming, but we learn different things every day and the staff learn every day something else. It’s easy to get used to what sports betting really is and have fun with it, ”said David Schneiter, Cadillac Jacks Resort general manager.

Schneiter believes the new games are a great opportunity for Cadillac Jack’s and the City of Deadwood.

“Super Bowl, I’m looking forward to the Super Bowl to see what we can do here. World Series is another, NBA is another, hockey is another. It just creates another level of excitement, ”said David Schneiter.

There are currently four casinos here in Deadwood, including Cadillac Jack’s, that offer sports betting. There will be more in the near future.

Mike Rodman of the Deadwood Gaming Association says that many casinos have incorporated sports betting in their own way.

“We believe it will improve Deadwood as a gaming destination, it’s something our customers have asked for. We are very excited to give them this sports betting opportunity, ”said Mike Rodman, Deadwood Gaming Association.

“We are definitely grateful and understand the journey we had to make to get here, and we thank everyone who was involved in this journey,” said Mayor Dave Ruth Jr.

The same goes for players like Green, who can now bet on their favorite teams.

“My favorite team has always been the Raiders. They are in trouble but they had a good game last week so there is always hope. So yeah, I like the Raiders and I always put some money into them, ”said Terry Green.

There are currently 12 different sports on the South Dakota Gaming Commission’s sports betting catalog.


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