Soccer: Harrisonville (MO.) Defeated Wayne Hills in down-to-the-wire competition


Joe Riina’s throw was intercepted seconds before the end when Harrisonville (MO) Wayne Hills, 38-37, suffocated in Harrisonville, MO.

Riina found Matthew Geraghty 2:22 remaining for a 9 yard touchdown to give Wayne Hills (0-1) a 37:30 lead. Geraghty caught the ball over the middle, lost a few tackles, and followed a block down the right sideline to get into the end zone. Jeremy Kobrin made the additional point.

On the Wildcats’ next drive (1-0), Jace Reynolds broke a 55-yard touchdown on 3rd-and-2 in their own territory to score 37-36. Harrisonville quarterback Mason Mitchell took the snapshot and just made it for the 2-point conversion to put his team in the lead at 38:37 with about 1:00 to go.

Harrisonville purposely kicked the ball out of bounds and gave the New Jersey visitors two timeouts on their own 40-yard line. Riina brought Wayne Hills to the Wildcats’ 40-yard line with his arms and legs, but in 4th and 2nd 11 seconds to go, Riina scrambled to the right and heaved the ball across the field towards his receiver, but he was beaten by the defensive back for the pick.

Wayne Hills leveled the game at 30-30 with 10 minutes to go with a short 4 yard pass from Riina to Nick Hogan in fourth place. Riina also completed the 2 point conversion on a pitch and catch to Geraghty.

Reynolds quickly brought Harrisonville to the other side of the field on next possession when he broke through for a 69-yard run to the Wayne Hills 8-yard line. The Patriots held up, however, when defensive lineman Matthew Lehman posted a sack on the fourth and the goal of the 10. Wayne Hills took over and marched down the field to get his go-ahead score at the time.

AJ Anzaldi opened the game with a 60-yard punt return for the Patriots in the first quarter, but Reynolds found twice under paid dirt after that. Reynolds ousted Harrisonville’s lead with his third of five touchdowns of the night to 22-7. Reynolds finished the race nearly 400 yards rushing.

The Patriots and Riina came back to cut on 22-14 with a 17-yard touchdown pass to Makai Gray. In the third, Jeremy Kobrin caught a 15-yard touchdown and John Sees ran in the 2-point conversion to tie it 22:22.

Nathan Reynolds gave the Wildcats a 30-22 lead with a touchdown near the end of third place.

In two weeks time, Wayne Hills will try to put the ship in order on September 10th at 7:00 p.m. with a street game in Paterson Kennedy

Wayne Hills’ trip to Missouri included internships at Missouri Western State University and Kansas University. The Patriots also toured Arrowhead Stadium, home of the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Patriots game against Harrisonville marked their sixth season opener outside of the state in their history. They recently went to North Carolina in 2015, Florida in 2016, Ohio in 2017, Utah in 2018, and South Carolina in 2019 to start their season.

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