Sliker says the casino approached him about a sponsored Twitch gambling stream that would “pay off his debt.”


Ever since Sliker tricked Twitch viewers and streamers into lending him money to support his gambling addiction, streamers have banded together to find a solution.

Felix “xQc” Lengyel and Ludwig Ahgren have teamed up to pay back people he has deceived. Meanwhile, Imane “Pokimane” requests Anys Pull out ban sponsored gambling streams.

However, according to Sliker, a casino contacted him and offered him an ironic way to pay off the debt — by hosting a series of sponsored gambling streams for them.

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“I just had a conversation with a casino,” he told Hasan Piker and Mizkif while speaking to them on the stream. “They said they would help me pay people if I did a sponsored stream for them.”

Hasan couldn’t believe the casino had the Gauls to make such an offer. In disbelief, he covered his face with his hands. Mizkif also pointed out the irony, saying, “Fire with fire!”

Sliker told them he threw back the last ones Pull out offer because it “just wouldn’t make sense” given that his gambling addiction got him into this dire situation in the first place.

The streamer under fire did not reveal which company it was.

Hasan described the offer as “criminal” before continuing. He told Sliker he needed to act like an adult and take responsibility for his actions and do something about his gambling addiction.

Mizkif offered to help him pay off the debt and claims he already has someone to take care of it. Unlike the casino company that has offered Sliker a sponsorship deal, it’s not about winning anything.

Sliker was grateful for the pair’s help on the stream.


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