Siti Nurhaliza stops taking part in singing competitions



SONGTRESS Datuk Seri Siti Nurhaliza (pictured) has decided to stop participating in competitions to make room for younger talent, Mingguan Malaysia reported.

Siti Nurhaliza said, “I don’t want to compete anymore, especially with the boys. I just want to keep what I have like my singing and good performances.

“I also want to do my best when I perform so that the fans will remember me as a singer who was always a good role model for them.

“I want to be closer to the community by being a successful entrepreneur and even helping them to be financially successful,” she said.

The mother of two, who has been in the entertainment industry for 25 years, also announced that she is planning a special concert for her fans to celebrate her silver anniversary in the industry but has been put on hold due to Covid-19 restrictions will.

“As soon as the government allows such activities, I will start thinking about and planning the concert,” said Siti Nurhaliza, who started her career after winning the Bintang RTM talent show.

> BH Ahad quoted the son of the national award winner Datuk Seri A. Samad Said as saying that his father often wrote late into the night and even into the morning.

Helmy Samad said he and his siblings would often fall asleep at home to the sound of his father’s typewriter.

“Sometimes when we wake up in the morning the sound of the typewriter can still be heard,” he said.

The 86-year-old, like his son, likes to read and often underlines the part that interests him in red.

“Most of the books my father reads are underlined in red. Dad also likes to write on paper and sometimes even on handkerchiefs. Dad gave this to me a lot and I kept most of it, ”he added.

Helmy said his father was a simple man with few shirts that he would wear most of the time.

“Once he had to attend an official ceremony and I bought him a tie-dye shirt. But my father only wore it once because it was uncomfortable, ”he said, adding that his father donated the shirt later.

Helmy said none of his siblings inherited his father’s talent except his sister Siti Senja, who loves to write poetry.

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