Roadshow Gas Price Competition: Conjectures are pouring in


Q. My official one-time estimate for the gas price contest is $5.52/gallon. If I win, it won’t cost you much. My Honda Civic’s gas tank only holds about 9 gallons!

Markus Robichek

A: I hope you guessed correctly for several reasons. At this price point with a 9-gallon gas tank, that’s still nearly $50. Mrs. Roadshow’s Camry refills have exceeded $75 many times this year.

Dozens of readers entered the roadshow contest to win a free tank of gas if they were the first to guess the average price of regular gas on November 15th. Most estimates so far are in the $5-$6 range. with a few as high as $7+. Few believe it will fall below $4 a gallon by November 15th. The deadline to participate in the competition is November 1st. Email your estimate to [email protected] Put “gas competition” in the subject line of the email.

Q: My optimistic estimate: $489.9.

Alice Jackman

A: And here we go…

Q: I think Roadshow should give a new electric vehicle to the winner of the gas price estimate. Now that would be symbolic!

Bill Hilton

A: Ms. Roadshow loves your idea. But she’s not the one paying the price. To my bosses, what do you think?

Q: I’ve read your column just for fun for years, but on Thursday it paid off.

I had to renew my license and get a Real ID at the same time. I did most of it online as you suggested but you need to make an appointment with the DMV.

As a loyal reader, I knew to apply for the Los Gatos office. I had an appointment for 9:15 am. They started serving me around 9:10 am. I was out at 9:36am

The snack here: Read and heed Mr. Roadshow.

david raney, Cupertino

A: Nice that you have had such a good experience with it. Thank you for letting us know.

Q: I have a really crazy question.

On a hill east of Highway 101, between the Hellyer and Blossom Hill exits, is a herd of wooden cows. I want to get one for my wife. Yes, she is crazy about cows. Imagine that.

Do you happen to know who the head wrangler of this herd is?

Randy Moon

A: I have tried in vain to find out who is behind this wooden herd of cows. I call on the roadshow faithful to help us.

So long to a buddy: Longtime Mercury News antiques columnist Steve Yvaska died on October 1. He frequently contacted Roadshow to update me on tailgates, speeders, and drivers making unsafe lane changes. He was a wonderful person and will be missed.

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