Packers GM insists the Aaron Rodgers team won’t act?


Aaron Rodgers appears ready to stay away from the Green Bay Packers for as long as it takes to force a deal, but the team is reportedly no closer to fulfilling his wish.

The Athletic’s Matt Schneidman was told by a source that Packers general manager Brian Gutekunst continues to claim he will not act on Rodgers. This is noteworthy in that, after Tuesday, June 1, Green Bay could unlock a significant amount of salary caps by trading with Rodgers.

The Packers would be left with a cap hit of more than $ 38 million if they traded Rodgers before June 1. If the reigning NFL MVP traded after that date, around $ 16 million in cap space would free up, and the dead-cap hit drops to about $ 21 million. If the packers were to trade with harvesters, they would always do so after June 1st.

As of now, they are not. Rodgers first publicly admitted last week that he is at odds with the Green Bay Front Office. He says this has nothing to do with the team that dealt with the Jordan Love design last year, but rather with the current “philosophy” within the organization.

Some people close to Rodgers reportedly believe the quarterback will never play for the Packers again. There is one major change the team could make to ease the tension, but they seem unwilling to do so.

Rodgers certainly seems to be enjoying his life off the field this off-season. If he’s really buried and would rather retreat than return to Green Bay, Gutekunst could change his mind. For now, however, the stalemate continues.


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