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The Provincial Government of British Columbia recently announced its new business restart plan, which will allow the casino properties to reopen as early as July 1st. In light of the new reopening plan, Chances Casino Kelowna has already made some arrangements for a possible reopening this summer, such as the revitalization of the courtyard and courtyard dining areas.

Gaming companies in the province were banned from operations after the initial lockdown began in March 2020. It has now been more than a year since gambling fans stepped into a land-based gaming venue in BC. However, this could change as early as July 1, 2021 with the government’s new reopening plan.

July 1st reopening

Stan Walt, owner of Chances Casino Kelowna, officially reopened the property’s patio and dining options on May 28th Make it easier for employees to get started before the actual restart all rooms on the property. He said the reopening last weekend was to reconnect with guests and offer them kiosks with scratch-and-win tickets.

According to him, the casino has been extensively renovated to meet the new health and safety regulations. Slot machines are now reduced from 348 to 310 and rearranged and spread over an additional area of ​​10,000 square meters, creating sufficient social distance between the guests as soon as the venue is allowed to open its doors again.

The owner managed to keep more than 15 managers and supervisors during the year-long wait for the reopening. But Mr Walt will need 150 more workers to fully reopen, and he is I hope at least 60% of the staff will return to their positions. However, it remains unclear how many people have found a new job.

In addition, the venue owner will be invited to a meeting with WorkSafeSBC representatives to discuss the new mandatory health and safety measures. According to a press release on the Crown Corporation’s reopening protocols, the casino is Staff must receive detailed training on improved health and safety protocols. Mr Walt also stated that he will have to pay to repair some equipment on the property.

Extremely difficult lockout

BC Casino’s staff have had an easy time in the nearly 15 months since the province’s gaming properties closed. New employees at Westminster Starlight Casino have participated in a video called “Don’t Forget About Casino Workers”. The heartfelt video tells the story of two single mothers who were unemployed from March 2020.

Financial decline

View Royal has also faced the difficulties arising from the existence of the unprecedented situation and the lockdown that followed. According to its Mayor David Screech, the region has been hit hard by the closure of casinos. The suspension cost View Royal around Loss of income from gambling of CA $ 2 million. However, Mr Screech is concerned that even if the casinos reopen, it will take some time to return to normal.

source: Munro, Rob “Kelowna Casino has a soft opening this weekend ahead of the full July deal”, InfotelMay 28, 2021


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