Ohio State vs. Clemson could be an all season playoff beauty pageant: The College Football Playoff Show


COLLEGE FOOTBALL, USA – The college football playoff could be in some chaos this season with the potential for a number of teams losing in a season where two playoff starters – Clemson and Ohio State – have already lost a game .

Could the end of the season be as confusing as 2007? Quite possible.

In the latest press conference episode of The college football playoff showThe question of whether a Clemson team at loss or an Ohio State team at loss would be in better shape for the playoffs has been raised by Doug Lesmerises and Shehan Jeyarajah.

The dismissal of USC trainer Clay Helton on Monday and the idea of ​​another great trainer who could best fit the Trojans were also tackled right away. It’s James Franklin of Penn State, and could he lead the Nittany Lions in a playoff pursuit this season and be the right man to fix the Trojans starting next season?

Among other questions from Text Subscribers (Send 817-442-6789 for a Free Text Trial):

  • What actually happened to the Buckeyes when they were lost in Oregon?
  • Could UCLA-Oregon be an important playoff match?
  • With so much going on for supposed contenders, is it possible that Alabama and Georgia are the only really good teams?

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