Officials are preparing for a “waterfall” of betting partnerships


It’s no secret that sports betting has reached incredible heights in recent years. And with those heights has come an increase in visibility. Watch an NBA game on TNT and you might see Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith pick out some player props before the action. Or, while watching an NFL football game on Thursday night, you may see a PSA on Responsible Gambling.

Get ready now to see how sports betting continues to make its way into the collegiate sports world.

According to Ryan Butler of, a “waterfall” of (sports betting) partnerships could be on the horizon.

Some NCAA conferences, like the Sun Belt, appear to be on board the process. But it takes two to tango, and not everyone on either side of the potential partnerships has two legs in the game.

FanDuel CEO Amy Howe wants to tiptoe in the collegiate sports industry.

The dynamics between sportsbooks, schools, states and conferences will be interesting as lawmakers, officials and business leaders continue to expand the landscape.

We’ll see how this all develops.


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