ODOT wins America’s Transportation Awards competition in 2022


OHIO – The Ohio Department of Transportation, along with seven other departments in Illinois, Iowa, Michigan and Minnesota, has won awards in the 2022 America’s Transportation Awards competition.

The competition focused on projects that benefit communities in a variety of ways, including pedestrian facilities, bicycle facilities, safety along Lake Superior, transportation of essential and life-saving supplies in emergencies, and safer travel through signaling technologies.

what you need to know

  • Eight State Department of Transportation projects in Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota and Ohio received regional awards in the 2022 America’s Transportation Awards competition
  • The competition focused on projects that benefit communities in multiple ways
  • ODOT has been recognized for Dorr Street Interchange and Widening of Interstate 475

“State DOTs are overwhelmingly focused on innovative solutions to address today’s and tomorrow’s transportation issues and address climate change, equity, resilience and safety challenges,” said Jim Tymon, executive director of the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials press release. “The America’s Transportation Awards program shows how they do it. Whether it’s on foot, in a vehicle, on two wheels, on the rail or in public transit, state DOTs continue to develop a safe, multi-modal transportation system.”

Sponsored by AAA, AASHTO and the US Chamber of Commerce, the competition serves as an opportunity to recognize state DOTs and highlight projects. The nominations fall into three categories: Operations Excellence, Best Use of Technology & Innovation and Quality of Life/Community Development.

All nominated projects will first compete against projects of their own size at the regional level: Small (projects costing up to $25 million), Medium (projects costing between $25 million and $200 million) and ” Large” (projects costing up to $25 million). more than 200 million US dollars).

In which Mid America Association of State Transportation Officials (MAASTO) region, eight states have nominated 18 projects for this year’s competition. The following eight projects received top regional honors at the 2022 America’s Transportation Awards:

· Minnesota Department of Transportation — Trunk Highway 61 Grand Marais Reconstruction (Quality of Life/Community Development, Small Category)

· Michigan Department of Transportation — Interstate 75 Freeway and Interstate 75/M-46 Interchange Design-Build Project (Quality of Life/Community Development, Intermediate Category – TIE)

· Ohio Department of Transportation — Opportunity Corridor Section 3 (Quality of Life/Community Development, Medium category – TIE)

· Iowa Department of Transportation and Illinois Department of Transportation — The Memorial Bridge (Interstate 74 Mississippi River Crossing) (Quality of Life/Community Development, Large Category)

· All MAASTO states (nominated by the Iowa Department of Transportation) — Divisible emergency load management (Operations Excellence, small category)

· Ohio Department of Transportation — Dorr Street Interchange and Interstate 475 Widening (Operations Excellence, Intermediate Category)

· Iowa Department of Transportation — Council Bluffs Interstate System Dual, Split Freeway (Operations Excellence, Large Category)

· Michigan Department of Transportation — Adaptive Signal Control Technologies in Traverse City (Best Use of Technology and Innovation, Small Category)

To see the 2022 nominees and winners from AASHTO Transportation TV, click here.

From each regional competition, the top three highest-scoring projects receive a spot on a “Top 12” list of projects competing for the national grand prize. The Grand Prize is selected by an independent panel of industry judges and the People’s Choice Award by the public.

The top national winners will each receive $10,000 in cash prizes, which will be given to a charity or grant of the department’s choice.

Voting begins in September when the 12 finalists are announced. AASHTO will announce the winners of the People’s Choice Award and Grand Prize this October at its 2022 Annual Meeting in Orlando.

To learn more about this year’s MAASTO nominees, Click here.


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