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Grow Greene County Gaming Corporation, the local non-profit corporation that holds the Greene County state gaming license, awarded $1.94 in grants at its 7th Annual Awards Night held in person at the Wild Rose Casino and Resort in Jefferson on Tuesday night million dollars.

The non-profit organization associated with the Jefferson casino has now allocated $9 million in charitable and charitable funds throughout the Jefferson area.

The Grow Greene County Board of Directors says the highlight of the year is giving awards to neighboring counties’ community foundations, Greene County communities, long-term award commitments and this year’s competitive grants.

Under an agreement with Wild Rose Entertainment Inc., Grow Greene will receive 5 percent of the local casino’s Adjusted Gross Gaming Revenue for distribution to nonprofit, government and charitable organizations. Of this, 4.1 percent went to projects in Greene County and 0.9 percent was shared equally by community endowments in the six counties bordering Greene County.

These include Boone, Calhoun, Carroll, Dallas, Guthrie and Webster.

The awards, presented on April 5, represented gaming revenue at Wild Rose Jefferson for calendar year 2021.

Wild Rose Jefferson has recovered from the pandemic and posted record months in 2021. Grow Greene County benefited from these records and passes on the benefits to organizations in the area by awarding funds.

The Grow Greene County Board of Directors includes President Norm Fandel, Vice President Craig Marquardt, Secretary Peg Raney, Treasurer Bob Allen, and Board Members Lori Mannel, Brenda Muir, Kate Neese and Rick Morain. Ex-officio board members added in 2019 are Dawn Rudolph, County Board of Supervisors, and Matt Wetrich, Jefferson City Council. Chief Counsel is Mike Mumma and Cindy Duhrkopf is a part-time administrative assistant.


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