New York online sports betting can put New Jersey in the shade


The online sports betting in New York is in a strange situation, Senator Joseph Addabbo Jr. (D-15)said ESNY.

Typically a political leader in the country, New York is catching up with neighboring sports betting juggernaut New Jersey, which tops the sports betting and revenue leaderboard almost every month and has been more than three years ahead of the state.

New York online sports betting can be an industry leader

With New York’s online sports betting program still awaiting its forecast launch in late 2021, with full capacity hoped for by the 2022 Super Bowl, what chance does it have of overtaking New Jersey?

Addabbo thinks it more than likely that New York will lead the way in sports betting at some point in the future.

“Just based on the sheer numbers, I think whether it’s tourism or population, I think New York will be a major market leader in my opinion and, in my opinion, will at some point overshadow New Jersey,” Addabbo told ESNY .

There is great competition in the industry. Aside from the obvious in New Jersey, Addabbo pointed to Pennsylvania’s sports betting program and Connecticut’s soon-to-be-launched product as potential elements that could limit New York’s success.

With a multitude of sports betting offers instantly available across New York’s border, how can the state win and keep sports betting dollars for its own program?

To be successful, Addabbo told ESNY that the state is asking New Yorkers to do two things.

“We have two big questions. I call it the switch and I stay. We’re asking New Yorkers to change what they’ve been up to for the past two years. You went to New Jersey, Pennsylvania and did it online illegally, maybe with an offshore account. You have a comfort zone. Study after study shows New Yorkers travel to Jersey using a mobile device to place bets. We urge people to change what they do, stop doing what they do and try New York’s product. The second request is to stay with us, ”Addabbo told ESNY.

New York online sports betting must be a first class product

Addabbo understands what a tough question this is. New Yorkers are savvy, he said, and the moment New York’s online sports betting program is seen as anything but a “top-notch, top-of-the-line product,” New Yorkers will be back to what in a millisecond they have done before.

The New York Gaming Commission is doing its job to ensure the best product is available for New York sports betting, Addabbo said, and to attract the best partners for the state. He supported her efforts so far and was delighted with her progress.

As with anything that big, there will be hiccups, there will be moments that need to be worked out, he said. However, the schedule remains the same as Addabbo re-voiced its optimism that the first sports bet would be placed in the state in late 2021.

“It’s not a question of if, but of when. I still think that with a little initiative and a little enthusiasm we can still place a mobile sports bet in New York by the end of the year and will certainly be in full swing before the Super Bowl. “

All bid packages for sports betting licenses will be submitted to the Gambling Commission by August 9th. The licenses will be awarded to the platform providers at the beginning of December.


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