Maryland online sports betting likely more than a year away


Maryland Sports betting is the slow and steady route, but it won’t win races.

Despite Governor Larry Hogan Signing of the Sports Betting Act in Can, Maryland online sports betting is unlikely to start for another year John Martin, Director of the Maryland Lottery and Gaming Control Agency. Sports betting for retail may hit the market at some point New Yearbut there is no guarantee of that either, said Martin.

Martin provided these timelines LSR this week before two meetings Thursday:

  • Examination committee for sports betting applications, 8 o’clock in the morning
  • Maryland Lottery and Gaming Control Commission, 14 o’clock

Sports Betting Soon in Maryland Retail?

SWARC can approve five casinos for sports betting retail licenses on Thursday. These casinos received MLGCC approval for alternative licensing standards in October.

Even then, Martin said the MLGCA will need another 30th to 45 Days for the final approvals before the sports betting can open to set the course for all around January 1, 2022.

It remains to be seen whether these five will get the nod on Thursday, said Martin. He also admits that SWARC has an incredible number of legal challenges to face.

“There’s no clue,” he said. “They have all the information they need to make an informed decision. If it doesn’t happen, we’ll wait at least a week or two. Then we wonder if we can make the playoffs or the Super Bowl.

“I would like to help, I just don’t know how we can do it because there are so many things in your court.”

The MLGCC is expected to add a sixth license to the list on Thursday: PointsBet In the River boat on the Potomac.

Maryland casinos impatient

Three of the largest casinos in Maryland submitted a joint letter to the SWARC Monday. In the letter, the trio urges “quick consideration” and asks for clarification of the delay.

The three casinos are among the 17th Companies named in MD’s sports betting legislation to automatically qualify for sports betting licenses:

In the letter, the casinos acknowledge that SWARC did not inform the casinos of the reason for the delay, but that a second disparity study for competitive licenses is in progress. The letter reads:

“Although the undersigned acknowledges SWARC’s legal authority under subsection (h) to conduct a second disparity study and make an associated assessment for the purpose of obtaining a Class B license, SWARC’s exercise of that legal authority is not a valid basis for the purposes of the immediate issue of licenses for class A applicants. “

Frustration foams Maryland

Voters in Maryland approved sports betting in November 2020. Hogan was one of them to express Displeasure with the delay at SWARC level.

“It’s a problem and I’m sure they’re all going to be sued by all of the people whose licenses have already been approved,” Hogan said Maryland affairs.

Martin said he understands the feelings of citizens and casinos alike.

“They are in business in other jurisdictions and know what it takes to get into the market,” he said. “A painful part of it is [citizens are] We’re not waiting, we’re surrounded by jurisdictions that offer sports betting and people are going to find a way.

“Every week we see millions of dollars in Maryland revenue go to other jurisdictions or the black market.”

SWARC has legal support

The General Assembly has significant influence on the SWARC as the House of Representatives and the Senate each have appointed two members. Hogan named the other three.

During the legislative process, the legislature made it clear that the SWARC must ensure that minority-owned companies and women participate in the industry. The Commission’s job is to involve minority and women-run businesses while keeping industry representatives happy.

“SWARC is an independent company for the licensing of sports betting”, President of the Senate Bill Ferguson said in a tweet. “I wholeheartedly trust the ability of the independent commissioners – including those appointed by the governor – to take into account all information and to issue licenses to the best of their ability.”

Mobile sports betting a long way off

Martin said mobile sports betting might start late 2022 and that estimate is based in part on the process now playing out at already licensed Maryland casinos. Part of SWARC’s delay is their desire to conduct another disparity study on the industry.

Martin said the study has yet to begin. While the study will help SWARC determine the standards and regulations for awarding the contest 30th Sports betting in retail and up to 60 For mobile network operators, this will significantly delay the regulatory process. Maryland lawmakers must approve these standards, including a deadline for public submissions.

The SWARC then opens an application process and evaluates the applicants as soon as the window closes. As soon as the SWARC has found suitable applicants, it forwards them to the MLGCA for qualification before returning to the SWARC for official licensing. As soon as these rings have been passed, the MLGCA can complete the technical approvals.

“This process will take longer because we have less trusted customers,” said Martin. “In order for this thing to go smoothly, this relay race, the baton back and forth, we have to work on this exchange, or we could do this for another year.”

So that MD sports betting runs more smoothly

Several other states were passing sports betting laws around the same time as Maryland. Since then, Arizona Sports betting and Wyoming Sports betting is live with online operators.

Louisiana Sports betting has a catch with it Hurricane Ida this summer, but retail sports betting is expected to open with online sports betting in early 2022.

So what’s the hangup in Maryland?

“It’s hard to comment,” said Martin. “Many people have viewed the law as it is written and there could be different interpretations of it; two separate but same interpretations.

“The net of this is that we have to work tighter, we have to force this process. We do two things, they do two things and if they are out of sync they don’t work as smoothly. “


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