King & Corbin Associates offers a cash lifeline to homeowners facing an impending foreclosure crisis due to expiring government moratoriums


SAN DIEGO, March 5, 2021 / PRNewswire / – King & Corbin Associates, LP (King & Corbin) announced the launch of their exclusive three-tier fast cash payment program for homeowners in pre and full foreclosure status. With this proven system, King & Corbin enables homeowners to avoid foreclosure with cash and protect their loans from irreparable damage. King & Corbin already have more than earmarked $ 50 million to help homeowners in trouble regain some of their equity and can even help those facing an impending foreclosure at auction or have received a notice of default. With the government’s pandemic moratoria coming to an end soon, King & Corbin is currently offering one to homeowners free 30-minute consultation To discuss options. This offers homeowners an alternative to being forced to accept Zillow’s low-ball purchase offers aimed at taking hard-earned equity from ignorant homeowners as Zillow removed the brokers from the equation. Brokers are committed to a code of ethics to protect the fiduciary relationship.

“We pray that families facing foreclosure will not wait for the moratorium to expire to take action,” said Kimm C. King Jr., Co-founder of King & Corbin. “Now is the time to stand out from your home. The moratorium does not prevent the foreclosure from taking place, it only delays the process. Bartley Corbin, Co-Founder of King & Corbin added, “Our ultimate goal is to help homeowners before this happens so they can have the majority of their equity to start over without foreclosure on their files. And we also have other loan acceleration programs that can help homeowners rebuild their loans and their lives now, not 7 years in the future. ”

King & Corbin: How to Sell Your Home Before the Bank Does It

King & Corbin understands that homeowners find themselves in financial distress during a foreclosure and speed is critical. The goal is to have homeowners walk away with cash and their dignity rather than damaging credit. This starts with an effective three step process:

  1. Step One: Clients fill out a simple online form and provide some basic details about the property in question before creating an online account.
  2. Step two: A cash offer specialist contacts the client within 24 hours to discuss an offer for the property.
  3. Third step: After accepting an offer, customers sign the sales contract and then receive payment – in most cases in less than 10 days.

Foreclosure situations need not end in a complete loss of equity. Homeowners can start rebuilding their lives right away.

King & Corbin: Money Reclaimed From Foreclosure Sales

Final foreclosure sales that result in excess revenue do not go to the lender immediately. The lender is only entitled to an amount sufficient to pay the outstanding balance of the home plus any costs associated with the foreclosure and sale. After paying these costs and any liens on the property, the property owner is entitled to the rest of the proceeds. However, the homeowners are often not aware of this fact – or the proceeds are locked into proceedings over a longer period of time. King & Corbin can also assist homeowners in these advanced foreclosure situations.

King & Corbin: Awakening from a Foreclosure Nightmare

When real estate sinks into debt with no end in sight, some borrowers stop paying because the house has become a bad investment – even if they can still afford those payments. These “voluntary foreclosures” are strategic failures that seem like a good idea at this time because financial math shows that foreclosure is better than paying endless house payments. But unfortunately, voluntary foreclosure is still just that: foreclosure.

Such strategic failures have extremely negative consequences, many of which are unforeseen by most homeowners, including deficiency judgments. These final judgments in favor of the bank can force homeowners to pay the deficit of a seized apartment anyway – often due immediately. Other consequences are a significant reduction in creditworthiness that makes future credit qualification nearly impossible. And if you have bad credit, even attempting to rent a house or apartment can be made more difficult due to a damaged credit history, as most landlords check tenants’ creditworthiness before signing a lease.

Much like the Reddit movement, we’re helping homeowners on High Street protect their hard-earned real estate capital from the largest predatory Wall Street fortune dig in history. Learn more about how you can avoid foreclosure and save equity and credit damage by doing that King & Corbin newsletter. Or follow them on social media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.

About King & Corbin Associates, LP

Founded by Kimm C. King Jr. and Bartley Corbin, King & Corbin is a real estate investment firm helping homeowners get the money they make from homes that have entered foreclosure or foreclosure status. King & Corbin can also help homeowners who have already lost their home through foreclosure, enabling them to receive excess income from the equity of homes that have been forced up for auction. We help customers get cash instead of foreclosure. Find out more at:

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