J. Cole splashed a game winner over Franz Wagner in the pickup game


Rapper J. Cole played in a few pickup games with the Orlando Magic this week and apparently made quite an impression on viewers during his time on the court.

Cole, who was in Orlando before his concert on Saturday, was spotted with several Magic players, including Cole Anthony and RJ Hampton, among others. He also had a notable game on rookie Franz Wagner that generated a strong reaction.

Magic Guard Terrence Ross was in the practice facility, watching Cole and his teammates play and watching it all unfold. Ross offered play-by-play in his podcast of the sequence in which Cole splashed a game-winning 3-pointer over Wagner.

There was a game, he hadn’t really done much, but someone drove to the hole and they drove to his corner and the guy of him, that was Franz Wagner, pulled away and they swing it to J. Cole in the corner. Franz runs towards him, he wanted to block him and goes up there. Bro, J.Cole for the game! Splash! A guy who can shoot out of the corner like this is always reliable. People said, ‘Oh!’ I mean it was J. Cole. He only splashed Franz Wagner at the game. It was still cool.

Cole is known to show up and play with players in a variety of locations, often in pickup games in New York City. Ross said Cole was mostly relieving during the runs but would pull up from the 3-point range on a few occasions.

The Grammy winner was recognized by some Magic players for his knowledge of the game and his ability to play. Wagner certainly knows what he is capable of on the pitch.

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