Investigate Simon Stålenhag’s retro sci-fi realm in new Tales From the Loop: The Board Game


Fans who have taken in the surreal and gritty world of Amazon Prime’s sci-fi series Tales From the Loop might want to keep Sweden’s Free League Publishing in mind as they plan to release a new tabletop board game based on the hit TV show and artist Simon Stålenhag’s retro-inspired universe of fringe technology, scattered across arid European landscapes.

Forged from a successful Kickstarter campaign, funded in just three short hours, this new collaborative treat will be available from February 8th at the publisher’s webshop, local retailers and some online outlets. The board game can be pre-ordered on Amazon for $79.99 and will start shipping on September 2nd. So if you want to pick it up from Amazon, you might have to wait a few months.

Artist Simon Stålenhag’s retro-inspired Tales From The Loop books have made the jump to role-playing games, TV series, and now board games. (Image credit: Free League Publishing)

Free League Publishing is notable for its impressive list of award-winning, officially licensed role-playing games for franchises such as Alien, Blade Runner, and The Lord of the Rings.

Also added to their immersive product range are Simon Stålenhag’s art books: Tales From The Loop, Things From The Flood, The Electric State and The Labyrinth. They have also published oversized illustrated editions of the HP Lovecraft classics At the Mountains of Madness – Volumes 1 and 2 and The Call of Cthulhu by internationally acclaimed French artist François Baranger.

Tales From The Loop: The Board Game focuses on Stålenhag’s wondrous strange world of discarded machines, abandoned robots and discarded AI devices amid the titanic cooling towers of the islands’ vibrant Bona Reactor, rising above the vast underground experimental research Facility responsible for litter litter and occurrences in odd areas.

Tales From The Loop: The Board Game

A look at Tales From The Loop: The Board Game. (Image credit: Free League Publishing)

In gameplay, you team up with up to four other companions to investigate the myriad mysteries that emanate from this disturbing underground laboratory known as “The Loop” and the menacing paranormal effects on the mundane rural environment around it. Check out the latest Free League trailer below.

Players take on the role of curious local youth searching for bizarre technological leftovers from The Loop’s robotics and physics experiments, beginning each day at school before venturing out to explore the countryside after class ends.

Tales From the Loop: The Board Game is out February 8th and comes well equipped with rulebooks, eight playable scenarios, figure stands, tokens, eight six-sided dice, a beautifully printed island game map, and six detailed customized miniatures of Stålenhag’s timeless robot designs by Dust Studio .

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