Illinois lawmakers somehow make the sports betting law worse


Lawmakers seem to be doubling down on evil Illinois Sports betting law, which includes personal requirements.

The house passed SB 521 with some changes as the country’s legislature went into extension Tuesday. One of these changes includes a trial run for bets on state colleges, until July 2023.

Sounds positive, doesn’t it? It seems so – until all the details are digested.

The IL Sportsbook Supplement only allows wagering on state colleges personally at sports betting in retail.

The bill is going back to the Senate for approval of the amendments before being sent to the desk of. goes Governor JB Pritzker, who ended its executive order that allowed remote registration April. The Illinois market flourished in the second half of 2021, while its rash filing was due to the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Only Pregame Betting in Illinois Sportsbooks change

Perhaps some Illinois sports bettors are lucky enough to have bets in the state that they will go to a retail book. However, if they don’t understand the full amendment, they might be disappointed when they arrive.

The change expressly states only Tuh 1 Betting is allowed at state colleges. These are defined as bets that are based only on the final result of a game to be decided and are placed before the game starts.

This means that there are no prop bets of any kind on Illinois colleges within the state’s boundaries. Bettors still need to visit the offshore sites or drive east to get there Indiana or west to Iowa to place these bets.

The current college wagering ban in Illinois is limiting the market up to 15%, John Pappas of iDEA growth told a House Committee in April. However, due to personal requirements and betting restrictions, it is unlikely that these changes will result in a significant increase in the handle.

Retail is not a big part of the Illinois market

Retail sports betting is rarely popular in large states with multiple online sports betting options. Illinois is no exception.

Of $ 297.7 million Tier 1 bets placed in March only $ 16 million, or 5.4%, were placed in sports betting in retail. All retail handles add up $ 24.6 million in March, good for just 3.9% of $ 633.6 million Bet in Illinois.

The March numbers are the latest from Illinois, so there is no data yet on how personal registration has affected retail bets.


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