IISc. Team develops robotic arm that is controlled by looks


In an invention that could help people with severe language and motor impairment (SSMI) – a condition caused by conditions such as cerebral palsy in which the patient has difficulty physically operating computing devices – a research team developed an instantaneous computer interfaces.

The team at the Center for Product Design and Manufacturing (CPDM), Indian Institute of Science (IISc.), Has developed a robotic arm that can be manipulated by eye movements via a computer interface. The interface is via a webcam and computer, unlike other eye-gas tracking devices that use head-mounted systems, an IISc. Release said.

The team worked with students with SSMI at Vidya Sagar, a facility for people with disabilities in Chennai.

“Many of these students (with cerebral palsy) are unable to focus precisely on a single point in their field of vision due to uncontrolled eye movements. They also don’t feel comfortable looking at all parts of the field of vision in the same way, ”said project manager Pradipta Biswas, assistant professor at the CPDM, in the press release.

The team used computer vision and machine learning algorithms to analyze live feeds of facial video from users and coupled that with an augmented reality application to enable the user to use a robotic arm for tasks like picking up and putting down Objects and placing objects to use as they wish.

This allows users to perform mechanical tasks, such as working independently on handicrafts, the release added.


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