Ibex.ai is offering a free trial of its next generation CRM services


Capricorn.aian expert in artificial intelligence, has decided to offer iGaming operators a free trial of its next generation CRM Services to prove that its solutions are the best on the market. This system aims to offer massive support to start-ups that don’t have the budget for their own CRM software, as well as brands considering entering new markets.

Thomas Aigner, Ibex.ai, Head of Business Development, shared a few words about the CRM tool. He explained that new technologies allow brands to revolutionize their optimization strategies. He added that Ibex.Ai “is at the forefront of this innovation” and that he is confident the company can offer the highest level of personalization and automation.

Aigner concluded that everyone at Ibex.ai is excited to deliver the powerful product to as many operators as possible and continue to build on its success.

Ibex.ai’s self-driving system has transformed how customer engagement works as it introduced higher levels of personalization and automation for player-centric campaigns. The brand achieved its first success with renowned online casino operators such as Grand Ivy Casinos, Casimba and Dream Vegas. Now many more operators have the opportunity to use Ibex.Ai’s next-generation CRM services for three months without payments.

Ibex.ai’s deep learning algorithms allow the company to assess each player individually without having to segment them. The AI ​​targets players at the best moment, making the personalization method more profitable.

As a result, automated communications and campaigns result in lower costs for online casino operators as well as an increase in player retention rates.

Casino brands are open to partnering with companies that offer CRM services

A recent survey conducted by Enteractive found that improper CRM strategies can hurt player retention. Because of this, numerous casino brands are more than open to partnering with companies that offer exclusive CRM services.

Recently, online casino operator Las Vegas Casino Diamond decided to enhance its CRM strategy by partnering with Symplify, a reputable company that offers CRM and AI cloud solutions. Thanks to this partnership, LVC Diamond’s standout brands will be able to build momentum and improve customer loyalty.

Vegas.hu and Vipcasino.hu are the prominent brands of LVC Diamond and are particularly popular in the Hungarian market. Robert Kimberthe CEO of Symplify, acknowledged the reputation of these two brands, adding that Symplify strives to leverage its CRM capabilities to enable gamers “to get the most out of their gaming experiences.”


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