How to bet Georgia-Tennessee, other CFB games when you are not in a legal betting state


The biggest college football game of the year is upon us, and if you’re in Georgia, you can’t bet on it at US licensed sportsbooks.

But there are still ways to get some action in Georgia vs. Tennessee, even if it might not be point spread or total.

Here are three websites worth checking out that operate in Georgia and dozens of other states:

1. Price selection

PrizePicks allows you to select player statistical results and combine them to achieve a high payout.

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PrizePicks lists an absurd amount of statistical props for even the most niche sports. For UGA-Tennessee they have dozens. Just look.

Hendon Hooker Yards, Closings, Fantasy Score, Touchdowns. They call it.

So how exactly does it work? You need to combine between 2 and 5 stats – choose either more or less – and get them all right to win big.

For a two-player bet by Hendon Hooker on his rushing + passing yards and Stetson Bennett on 22.5 completions, I triple my bet amount.

You can see on the right that I select “more” for each stat, then below is my payout.

Price picks example power game

2. Underdog Fantasy

Underdog has a great fantasy football product, but they also have “pick ’em” games that work similarly to PrizePicks.

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You can choose more or less from a range of player stats and multiply your winnings by adding more.

Here I’ve picked Hooker over Passing Yards, Cedric Tillman over Receiving Yards, and Bennett Under Passing Yards for a 6x payout.

underdog fantasy-cfb pickem example with georgia and tennessee

3. Fluff

Fliff is “Sports Betting Reimagined as an Interactive Game” where you can earn coins by selecting games – including moneylines, spreads and totals.

The coins can be redeemed for gift cards at your favorite restaurants and shops, among other things.

Use this link to sign up for a $25 bonus.

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