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“While August is typically a slower month than July, we have surpassed $ 30 million in gaming revenue and are clearly the overall table game leader in Indiana, led by our strong baccarat game.”

Records show Horseshoe raised $ 8.4 million in table game winnings in August, led by a state top blackjack win of $ 2.8 million on a blackjack game of $ 11 million. Hard Rock saw $ 9.1 million through its blackjack tables in August and the casino kept $ 1.9 million.

The Horseshoe, located on Lake Michigan in Hammond, also topped Hard Rock for slots and winnings in August. Although the Hard Rock made 11.5% more profit per slot machine compared to the Horseshoe, the records show.

According to the IGC, August customers deposited $ 248.2 million in the Horseshoe’s 1,974 slot machines, bringing the casino $ 24.9 million in profit.

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The Hard Rock, meanwhile, ranked third in the state for slot games in August ($ 209.1 million) and winnings ($ 20.9 million) on its 1,448 machines, behind Horseshoe’s sister casino in the Indianapolis, Indiana Grand area, which played $ 221.5 million to $ 1,595 of slot machines and posted a profit of $ 23.5 million.

In total, the four casinos in northwest Indiana generated 46.4% of the state’s total revenue of $ 209.3 million blue chip casino in Michigan City for $ 12.1 million in August.

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