Granite Peak Ski Resort hosts the Cardboard Cup sled competition


RIB MOUNTAIN, Wisconsin (WSAW) – Granite Peak Ski Resort hosted its 2nd annual Cardboard Cup sled competition on Sunday. Participants could design sleds using only cardboard, zip ties, and tape.

32 participants measured the speed and durability of their cardboard sleds in hopes of winning an individual trophy. Anyone could take part in the event.

“They come here, they bring their cardboard, they bring their tape and they bring their creativity. It’s just amazing to see what they can pull off,” said Dustin Gwidt, Rental Manager at Granite Peak Ski Resort.

Granite Peak’s rentals manager said the rules are simple.

“So all the rules are tape, cardboard, zip ties, but you can’t put skis under them,” Gwidt said.

There are different categories in which tobogganists can win.

“We have the judges’ picks, the best of the best, the best kids’ sled and just the overall impression. Nobody comes here to win, they come here to have a good time,” Gwidt said.

Once the sleds are ready, it’s off to the races.

“To win this event, to do a good job here, you bring your creativity, and you bring a smile and a good time, and that’s about it,” Gwidt said.

Winners took home an original Granite Peak trophy for their efforts.

“So our GM and his son gave them custom granite pinnacle trophies built from our own cardboard with colored tape,” Gwidt said.

The next tobogganing competition of the Cardboard Cup will take place in spring 2023.

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