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Welcome to the Chess.com 2022 Grand Prix Fantasy Contest! You have the opportunity to earn a portion of the $3,000 total prize fund by completing this form. The FIDE Grand Prix 2022 is a three-tournament event that will determine the final two entrants to the 2022 Candidates Tournament. It begins on February 3, 2022.

How to watch the FIDE Grand Prix 2022

We designed this competition so that every round counts, not just how players finish at the end of April; and its field size of 24 was perfect for a rank-based competition.

You can read all the format, rating and pricing details just below or click here to go directly to the entry form.


The 24 grandmasters in the Grand Prix were classified into five levels as of December 2021 according to their FIDE rating (which was used by FIDE to determine the field). You choose one player in each tier for a team of five players.

Substitutes announced prior to the tournament will be placed in the same class as the player they replaced. Substitutes announced during the tournament accrue points for players they replaced, whose points continue to be counted.

For more information on the Grand Prix and its scoring system, follow this link.

Winners will be announced for each individual event as well as for the overall Grand Prix.

Scoring & Tiebreaks

There are three ways to earn points. Each player on your team earns points equally, regardless of their level.

  • Grand Prix points earned in the overall event are worth the same number of points in the competition (13 points for stage winner, 10 for runner-up, etc.; see guide for full list).
  • Ranking points in the group stage are also worth the same number of points in the competition (e.g. a player who scores 3.5/6 in the group stage earns 3.5 points in the competition). Any tie-break games in the group stage do not count
  • A win in the classic part of the knockout round without using quick or blitz tiebreaks is worth 1 point in each round.


At the end of the form you will be asked to answer a tiebreak question, the answer of which will be used as the first tiebreak in the overall Grand Prix. The question is to predict the two candidates.

The first tiebreaker in each leg is who had the fewest active players in that leg. It’s better to only have three players active than four, which is better than having all five.

The remaining tiebreaks for both a single stage and the entire event are:

  1. Number of individual distance winners selected (these are 1 or 0, except in the general classification)
  2. Most points in KO (Grand Prix points plus classic bonus)
  3. Points are scored by level, starting at level 5 through level 2
  4. Earliest delivery.


Half of the prize pool will be awarded for each individual leg, with the other half for the overall Grand Prix.

Overall Grand Prix

place height
total $1500
1 $750
2 $500
3 $250
4th-5th 12 months Diamond Membership
6. 6 months diamond
7th-8th 3 months diamond
9th-10th 1 month diamond

Each individual stage (1st stage, 2nd stage and 3rd stage)

place price
total $500 per leg
1 $250
2 $150
3 $100
4th-10th 1 Month Diamond Membership


Registration will remain open until games begin in second Round of the first leg of the tournament. However, you won’t get points scored by players in the first round if you submitted after the start.

Thank you for playing!


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