Elmhurst Resident Wins $1.2 Million From Online Sports Betting App


Marco Piemonte from Elmhurst didn’t expect his hobby, online sports betting, to make more than $1 million.

But Piemonte – son of the late local car legend Al Piemonte – received a payout of more than $1.2 million this week via online gambling app PointsBet.

“It was a bit of a roller coaster ride for me.” he said in a telephone interview on Wednesday.

Piemonte added that he only joined the PointsBet app last week, although he’s been doing online sports betting since Illinois legalized it statewide in 2019.

Piemonte placed an initial $30,000 bet as part of a five-game soccer game or a growing bet dependent on winning a sequence of singles bets. The more bets, the longer the odds – with a higher payout.

“I had some underdogs with me,” said Piemonte, who usually posts his picks online via social media. “I had the Cincinnati Bengals to beat the Kansas City Chiefs, I had the Arizona Cardinals to beat the Dallas Cowboys, I had the LA Rams up 9½ points and the Chargers just to win their game.”

Piemonte’s winning streak soared to over $624,000 which caught the attention of PointsBet officials. They were surprised when Piemonte decided against a payout, instead betting on the University of Georgia beating the University of Alabama in Monday’s College Football National Championship.

“Congratulations to Marco on winning over a million dollars,” PointsBet USA CEO Johnny Aitken said in a statement. “We loved watching every minute of it.”

According to PointsBet, Piemonte’s odds of winning his parlay bet were approximately 40 to 1, or a 2.5% chance.

“In my opinion, I felt a lot better than 2.5%,” said Piemonte, adding that some of his bets were made during games.

Piemonte is General Manager of the Melrose Park-based Al Piemonte Auto Group, founded by his father in 1953. Despite his big win, Marco Piemonte said he has no plans to turn his online sports betting hobby into a full-time career.

“If I quit my job, 490 employees would be devastated,” Piemonte joked.

Piemonte also clarified that the giant “G” logo he’s gnawing on in his Twitter photo doesn’t represent the Green Bay Packers. It’s actually for the Georgia Bulldogs.

“I have no connection to the school,” Piemonte said. “But[the Georgia Bulldogs]were the last win for me to win the money, so they will always be in my heart.”


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