Dubuque Scoring Machine Connor Kurth is named Junior Player of the Year by Dave Tyler


“It’s a great honor for him,” said Dubuque head coach Greg Brown. “He’s had a great year and I’m really happy for him. He’s put in a lot of effort this season and it’s nice to be recognized like that.”

Kurth scored 50 goals and 122 points in 114 career games with Dubuque. The biggest leap in improvement came for Kurth last season. He nearly doubled his production in the 2021-2022 season after scoring 41 points in 52 games the previous year, and led Dubuque to a 40-16-3-3 regular-season record, good for second place in the conference.

“That was actually a big accent,” Kurth said. “My focus was on getting better and doing the little things over the summer, so it was really cool to see that jump. I was really proud of myself for the work I did over the summer and the season before that.”

Kurth also received league-wide recognition playing his second straight season in the BioSteel All-American Game. In the last competition, Kurth played with his teammates Stephen Halliday and Kenny Connors. Kurth finished with four shots on target and had the primary assist in Halliday’s first goal of the game, which was also assisted by Connors.

“It was such a fun experience playing with some of the guys from the league and it’s always cool when you play on TV,” Kurth said. “I felt a lot better. I knew how it worked and I was able to be more open and talk to the guys. It was just more confidence and more comfort.”

Kurth finished fourth overall in team history. He ranked fourth in goals and fourth in assists while also having the seventh-highest point average per game. His 81 points was the second-highest in single-season history.

“He has a great work ethic, a real understanding of the game and a great ability to score,” Brown said. “He has a great hand on the net. He’s great in the locker room with his teammates and he’s a great person off the ice. You love to see guys like him succeed and you dig those guys. It’s great to see him being rewarded.”

Before joining Dubuque, Kurth played for Gentry Academy in St. Paul, Minnesota. He doesn’t have to travel far from home for his upcoming college career, as Kurth is committed to playing at the University of Minnesota next season.

“We have a really good group there, I love the coaches and I’m really looking forward to the work,” said Kurth. “After a good season [at Dubuque] gives me a lot of confidence. It’s close to home and I’m really excited about the opportunity.”

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