California online sports betting action headed for November vote


Posted on: Jun 27, 2022 07:57 am.

Last updated on: June 27, 2022, 07:57.

The California Secretary of State’s office announced Monday night that a petition seeking a constitutional amendment to legalize online sports betting has crossed the required signature threshold. That makes it suitable for placement on the ballot for the November 8 general election.

Venice Beach
The sun sets over Venice Beach in Los Angeles in this undated photo. On Monday, California officials announced a petition calling for a constitutional amendment to legalize online sports betting that cleared the required signature threshold for November’s vote. (Image: Circe Denyer/PublicDomainPictures.Net)

With 57 of the 58 counties reporting, election officials projected that there were 1,142,317 valid signatures from registered voters. According to the random sampling method used by officials, the online sports betting petition needed a grossing of at least 1,096,853 – a number representing 110% of the 997,139 signatures needed for a constitutional amendment to get before voters – to get its spot on to secure the ballot this year.

Monday was the deadline for election officials to report their counts to the secretary of state’s office, and eight counties have yet to report. These included Los Angeles and Riverside counties, which had two of the highest raw signature counts.

A review of more than 12,000 signatures on LA County’s petition found that 70.7% were valid, representing more than 295,500 signatures out of more than 418,000 submitted. At Riverside, 76.1% of the 3,488 verified signatures were deemed valid, representing nearly 88,500 of the more than 116,000 signatures submitted.

With more than 740,000 signatures deemed valid last week, those two counties overdid the proposal.

According to a memo sent to county election officials by Initiative and Referendum Coordinator Joan Hackerling, Secretary of State Dr. Shirley Weber will officially confirm the measure as qualified on Thursday, unless supporters decide to withdraw it.

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