California Gambling Bureau Approves Hustler Casino Live to Continue Streaming


That California Bureau of Gambling Control (CBGC) has contacted Hustler Casino regarding the allegation Poker Cheating Incident that took place on September 29th Hustler Casino Live.

According to a statement from the HCL co-owners Nick Vertucci and Ryan Feldmanthe CBGC has approved that the show will continue to be streamed live on YouTube during the investigation.

Hustler Casino Livethe world’s most popular live stream poker show, didn’t stop the show from going on Garrett Adelsteins accusation that Robbi Jade Lew cheated him out of a six-figure pot, and the stream has since continued Monday through Friday at 5:00 p.m. PT. HCL is hosting a $25/$50 game on Wednesday night David Tuchman on comment.

Berkey demands that Hustler Casino Live be paused

Matt Berkey
Matt Berkey

Although the show went ahead and its many fans are still watching, there was some criticism of the decision within the poker community. Above all, Matt Berkeywho has played at HCL a number of times in the past.

Berkey criticized Vertucci and Feldman for keeping the show on the air during the investigation. Early intelligence has revealed that a member of the production team, Bryan Sagbigsalsteel $15,000 in casino chips by Lew after the infamous September 29th stream. He was subsequently released, but initially no charges were brought. Since then, Lew has apparently changed her mind and began seeking charges earlier this week.

Due to the allegations and an employee of High Stakes Poker Productions (HSPP)the company that makes HCL, which is admitted to stealing money from a player on the show, has called on Berkey Hustler Casino Live to fix what it perceives to be issues within the show’s security procedures and to cease operations in the meantime.

On the Nick Vertucci Show Podcast Vertucci, released last Sunday, explained why the show went on after the controversial hand.

“It was because the players kept playing. Nobody knew what was happening (back then). None of the players even thought there was a problem. If you look at their interviews or speak to them, I’m not saying that they to feel.” now, but in the excitement they didn’t even think there was anything wrong,” Vertucci said.

“If we stop the game or the stream for two or three months, yes, that’s for big financial reasons, which isn’t good for us. But that’s not the reason, although that would have been considered, believe me. But the reason is because we didn’t know what happened. We only have one person saying something and no one else is saying it at the time.

Vertucci has since defended the show’s security measures on Twitter, disagreeing with Berkey’s opinion that Hustler Casino Live should shut down.

According to our source at Hustler Casino, the CBGC spoke to casino executives after the incident, and the two parties have remained in touch ever since. The CBGC has granted full clearance to High Stakes Poker Productions and Hustler Casino to continue streaming during the investigation.

At this point there is no hard evidence against Lew, but there is a mountain of suspicion, mainly that she canceled a six-figure bet with just a jack high and right. Many poker players have suspected that Sagbigsal colluded with Lew to cheat at the game. But like most evidence, this is unproven at this point.

The California Bureau of Gambling Control regulates legal gambling activities in California to ensure that gambling is conducted honestly, competitively, and free from criminal and corrupt elements.


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