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One of the most successful sports bettors I know trusts his instincts, but not before he opens his mind to the full picture of what groupthink is about a game through podcasts, articles, and news. Getting a variety of perspectives can be helpful, especially when you are able to separate the things that have legitimate value from the things that are just noise.

We know that sports betting content is produced and consumed at the highest level ever. Much of what is written is rubbish. Media companies have put unqualified people in positions to talk about gambling, and social media has given everyone a platform. Breaking up a game is one thing and any analyst, ex-gambler or not, can do that. Betting is about more than just stats, coaching matches and the schedule situations. It’s about having a feel for the market and knowing when to get in at the right price. It’s about knowing what amount to wager in relation to your bankroll size. These are things that mostly come from within, but seeking advice on how best to do these things can be really beneficial to your bottom line.

What bothers me most about this industry is that a lot of people pretend they know everything. I would be the first to tell you I don’t and I am learning something new in the industry every day. I’m going to get a different perspective on a game from someone who played like Mike Pritchard. I have a thought confirmed or debunked by a system that Josh Appelbaum researched. I’m about to hear a statistic or breakdown from Gill Alexander that I hadn’t considered before. I get tips about the NBA, a sport that I don’t really hinder, from Jonathan Von Tobel. I’m going to ask Andy MacNeil a question about the NHL and get an answer that I didn’t expect or consider.

Having this type of support system and network has helped me exponentially, not only with my colleagues here at VSiN, but with previous jobs and other friends and allies along the way. Some people feel that being independent and doing everything themselves is the best way to go. You don’t want to be influenced by external thinking that creates prejudice. Me? I want to be a sponge, soak everything up and then make my decision.

It’s important to stay open-minded. Perhaps someone sees something that you are not, or has a different perspective that you do not see because you are committed to one side or a whole and did not want to vacillate.

We get tunnel vision. We think, “That can’t possibly lose!” We speak in absolute terms when we shouldn’t. I find that I am best when I have the time not only to process my own thoughts, but also to consider the thoughts of others. Spend some time this week thinking about what really works for you and how you can mature and improve in this business. You may find areas that you can address and improve simply by listening.


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