Bills for online sports betting in North Carolina near Sunset For Session


Suppose the Duke Blue Devils or Tar heels from North Carolina qualify for either the men’s or women’s version of March madness in 2023. In that case, the only option for North Carolinians to legally bet on their fate in these tournaments is still to either visit a tribal casino or leave the state.

North Carolina Online sports betting is likely to remain illegal for the foreseeable future.

The state House of Representatives narrowly rejected a key bill Wednesday night. Barring an unlikely scenario, proponents of a expansion of gambling in the state will have to try again next year.

Online sports betting in North Carolina falls short

The wait continues for North Carolina sports fans looking to place bets on their phones. Wednesday’s action saw the absence of a bill that had already been approved by the state Senate in the House of Representatives.

SB688who would have authorized it North Carolina Lottery to offer and support the new game of chance, failed by 52-49 votes. People in the state could have bet on licensed apps on their phones and computers.

In addition, certain sports stadiums in the state could have offered personal bets.

Since SB 688 failed, the house decided no final vote on SB38, which could have a similar effect. The fact that the vote did not take place creates a glimmer of hope for the current session.

If the SB 38 returns to a committee before the end of the month, the bill could theoretically return to the full house thereafter. As the bill passed the second reading narrowly (51-50 votes in favour), it went back to committee seems unlikely at this point.

Most likely, supporters will have to try again in the next legislature. That starts in January. When they take up the topic again, it is clear what resistance they have to overcome in order to be successful.

Problem gambling concerns kill bills

According to Gary D. Robertson of the Associated Pressthe biggest problem holding back legalization is a Fear of this problematic gambling will be widespread in the state.

“If you vote in favour, you are betting that these two bills will control gambling in North Carolina,” North Carolina said representative Jay Adams as the debate on the bills progressed.

“This is just another opportunity to create unfortunate opportunities for people who cannot resist.”

Despite these concerns, supporters of the change seem determined to move on. North Carolina Rep. Jason Saine Robertson said that the legalization of online sports betting in North Carolina,

“Will remain a problem for the state of North Carolina because … states around us are doing it.”

Both Tennessee and Virginia offer legal online betting. Right now, the only legal option within North Carolina’s borders is retail sports betting at tribal casinos like Harrah’s Cherokee.

SB 688 earmarked 2 million dollars support in annual tax revenue treatment of gambling problems. In the end, however, that wasn’t enough to allay fears.

Another question was whether betting on college sports should be excluded.

Will College Sports Betting Remain Illegal?

An amendment to remove collegiate sports from the legal online betting system was part of SB 38. Whether this would survive further review by the committee or be part of a new bill at the next session is uncertain.

If SB 38 had become law in its most recent form, it would have been North Carolina first and only state to ban wholesale betting on college sports. Other states, like neighboring Virginia and Tennessee, simply restrict it in some forms.

Examples are bans from prop betssingle player performancesand bets on college teams in the States.

All of that and more will likely become a topic of discussion in 2023. Now is probably the earliest opportunity for legal online betting in North Carolina.


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