Barry Goldwon of the best bitcoin casino: “We help consumers navigate the crypto gaming industry”


In a world where crypto is becoming increasingly popular, the Best Bitcoin Casino has created a safe haven for people who want to harness the power of cryptocurrencies and use it for recreation.

Associated with numerous established crypto gaming groups, the brand is also a comparison service that allows consumers to quickly go through dozens of options available to them locally when looking for iGaming solutions.

Just a few weeks ago, Best Bitcoin Casino launched a new design and rating algorithm that the company promised would add more value to operators and help consumers navigate the crypto gaming industry.

Ultimately, the company wants to establish a fair rating system that allows operators to compete based on their performance. The offer includes everything from casinos to sports betting to esports, poker, dice and more.

With over 650 brands listed, Best Bitcoin Casino is proving to be a leader in its business and the new algorithm enables the company to provide even more accurate breakdowns of what consumers can expect from each brand.

Q: Can you tell us a little more about the Best Bitcoin Casino project and what led to the decision to create it?

A: and its network of related websites and brands were founded in 2013 when we first saw the value of crypto payments in the iGaming industry. Back then we could count the number of operators that offered crypto deposits and allowed crypto withdrawals on two hands, and most of them were poker rooms. Today it’s a different story – we have more than 650+ brands listed on our website.

We were the first to recognize the opportunity and develop products and solutions that meet and exceed player expectations. We also understand that players looking for Crypto casinos are different from standard online casino players. While the crypto market was still very new, a year after building our network with assets like, and others, we saw other affiliates add a “crypto section” to their menus. At this point we were already live with more than 100 operators, with dedicated games that we developed with software providers and with long-term partnerships with payment processors.

We are proud to say that we were the first to recognize and implement this opportunity. Because of this, we are the market leader when it comes to crypto and bitcoin gambling.

Q: You restarted your website design and rating algorithms at the end of September. Why did you feel the need to redesign the website?

A: In 2018 we made a small redesign that included the introduction of a selection of tools to help our players learn more about the casinos listed on our website and find the best brands for them. The latest redesign takes this to the next level and aims to deliver a superior experience to our growing community of gamers.

Our powerful evaluation algorithm uses several parameters to evaluate an operator, including bonuses and wagering requirements, direct and proactive player support, licenses held and more. Most of all, we give top priority to player ratings, comments and feedback to ensure that each casino is carefully reviewed and rated based on the experience it offers players.

At the same time as the redesign, we also introduced a new rating system – rated as the best Bitcoin casino. Those who earn this seal of approval can gain player trust, connect faster with our 12,000-strong community, and enjoy a better exposure across the site. The badge is awarded to casinos that meet the following criteria:

  1. Have a rating of 7.0 above
  2. Have a dedicated casino representative
  3. Reply within 72 hours
  4. Use reputable casino gaming software
  5. Support of various payment methods (crypto and FIAT)
  6. Update important details about the brand

After all, you want to become a hub for crypto casino players and be a one stop shop for all of their needs.

Q: With 650 crypto brands, you are definitely going strong. Are all of these brands trustworthy or are you creating a compendium that allows consumers to browse websites individually and decide for themselves which brand suits their needs?

A: We now have more than 650 brands listed on the website and another 200 are waiting to be added. We have so many brands in the starting blocks because we put each operator through our rigorous screening process to ensure they meet the highest possible standards. This screening process has been developed and refined over several years to ensure that every brand on our website offers an incredible gaming experience and is also reputable and trustworthy.

Of course, some of these brands stand out from their competitors because they excel in all key areas. That is why we introduced our system and badge as the best bitcoin casino system. The casinos that have been awarded this seal are at the forefront of their game and the badge enables our members to easily identify these brands.

Q: Is there an inherent advantage in choosing cryptocurrencies over FIAT money to participate in gaming activities?

A: It really comes down to the choice of player. Cryptocurrencies are growing in popularity and about to make their way into the mainstream so it is obvious that people who own crypto want to use it to buy items and do entertainment activities like an online casino. There are strong arguments in favor of using Crypto over FIAT currency – faster transactions, increased security, anonymity, etc. – but again, it really comes down to the choice of players and whether they prefer to use Crypto or FIAT.

Q: How are the major iGaming jurisdictions worldwide reacting and accepting cryptocurrency casinos and betting sites, or does skepticism persist?

A: Crypto is a global currency, but its use in iGaming depends on the regulator and license provider in each jurisdiction. We work with operators and platforms that target markets around the world, but Asia and Africa in particular are large markets for crypto gambling. Latin America has traditionally been the strongest crypto casino market and I believe this will continue to be the case for years to come.

Q: What does Best Bitcoin Casino want to achieve in the next two years?

A: We have incredible growth plans that include adding more assets to our network. This enables us to offer operators, software providers, license agencies, partner programs, payment processors and more more options. As I said earlier, we want to be a one stop shop for everything to do with crypto and blockchain online gambling.

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