Azerbaijani soldiers prepare for international competitions in Iran, Kazakhstan [PHOTO]


August 24, 2021 11:24 AM (UTC + 04: 00)


By Vafa Ismayilova

Azerbaijani soldiers who will take part in the Sea Cup and Masters of Artillery Fire competitions in Iran and Kazakhstan respectively as part of the 2021 International Army Games are preparing for the events, the Ministry of Defense announced on August 23.

Sea cup

Members of the jury and teams participating in the Sea Cup competition, which will be held in Enzeli, Iran as part of the 2021 International Army Games, have inspected the area and the training complex where the tasks are to be carried out, the ministry said.

The jury explained the competition rules, conditions and safety rules on the stages to the team members and also gave initial instructions on other organizational issues.

In addition, the interaction between ships and communication in the sea was determined. Navigational and tactical calculations were also carried out for the tasks of the competition.

The competition starts on August 25th and the teams compete against each other in three stages.

Master of artillery fire

In a separate report, the ministry said that the preparation of Azerbaijani soldiers for the Masters of Artillery Fire competition in Kazakhstan as part of the 2021 International Army Games will continue.

The crew worked on taking up firing positions and setting up command and observation posts, bringing mortar guns into firing and marching positions, aiming, loading and conducting combat shots.

The skills of the Azerbaijani artillerymen to control combat vehicles in difficult terrain and to use them in combat conditions have been improved.

During the competition, in which artillerymen from 10 countries around the world take part, various tasks with the use of weapons and combat equipment will be carried out in stages, the ministry announced.

It should be noted that Azerbaijani soldiers take part in the tank biathlon and cultural army competitions in Russia.

Azerbaijani Deputy Defense Minister Nizam Osmanov attends the opening ceremony of the 2021 International Army Games in Moscow.

The Azerbaijani armed forces have been participating in the International Army Games since 2015. Since then, the Azerbaijani Army has participated in the Tank Biathlon, Sniper Frontier, Military Medical Squadron, Field Kitchen, Masters of Artillery Fire and Sea Cup competitions.

Azerbaijani representatives won the Sea Cup competition twice. In addition, our team won 3rd place in the Masters of Artillery Fire and Field Kitchen competitions.

In addition, Azerbaijani tank drivers took 4th place in 2019.

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