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Weber State will fight Southern Utah at the WSU’s Elizabeth Dee Shaw Stewart Stadium in Ogden on Saturday, October 14, 2017.

The Weber State Football game in Utah to open the 2021 fall season on Thursday shows the realities of college football, and WSU head coach Jay Hill said Monday that it wasn’t a bad thing for FCS teams to play against FBS opponents.

“I think they are great for the game because it gives FCS schools a chance to fund their program when they need it,” Hill said. “And it gives the FBS teams the chance that if they schedule the right ones, they’ll still get a very good opponent and get that chance of a so-called win, and it’s good for everyone.”

In fact, the payout is the number one reason athletic directors at FCS schools like Weber State make such one-game deals, which Hill confirmed with a fair dose of realism.

The University of Utah will transfer $ 600,000 to the state of Weber for the game, which was arranged five years ago. The WSU currently has four more future matchups against FBS teams: Utah State (2022, $ 390,000), Utah (2023, $ 600,000), Washington (2024, $ 700,000) and Arizona (2025, $ 625,000).

Weber State took a 41-10 win in Utah in 2018, an all-time low overall distance in one game, despite the Wildcats leading 10-0 early on (the Wildcats won 59 net loyards in total).

While this is more the case with planning from the Power 5 contingent of the FBS ranks, it has not been so often the case with the WSU lately. The next season, a more seasoned Wildcats team made two Mountain West schools sweat for hard-earned victories (6-0 in San Diego State and 19-13 in Nevada).

“I honestly don’t see any difference between the game against us and a lower Mountain West team. We’d beat a lot of these FBS teams at the bottom. I just don’t see that much difference. I think it’s good for the game, ”said Hill.

It sounds like if Hill ever became a head coach at an FBS school, he’d feel the same about the other side.

“I don’t see that if you play an SEC schedule or a Pac-12 schedule to give one of your non-conference games to an FCS opponent, how does that hurt?” he said. “Your other 10 games are loading, you should have plenty of opportunity to prove that you are one of the top teams.”


Hill and junior running back Josh Davis both said that despite a brief offseason after playing a spring plan, the team is ready to handle camp largely as usual.

“It’s been so short since we’ve played but I think our team really pushed it through and did what we had to do to come back and I think we’ll come to this game in Utah and show what we can do can.” said Davis. “You need to keep going (physical therapy) to put your body in order and play this fall season.”

“When we started in August,” said Hill, “we followed a very similar camp schedule that we usually do in the fall. We tried to do the rest right away in the summer, so our players took a rest then. We had a good eight week lifting period. So I don’t see it any differently than a normal year. “


Weber State announced on Monday the team captains who are selected solely through player voting: Jared Schiess, Senior Defensive Tackle, Conner Mortensen, Senior Receiver, Rashid Shaheed, Junior Receiver and Quarterback Bronson Barron.

Barron played five games in the spring but is still a real novice to the eligibility.

“I think it’s outstanding. Your quarterback should likely be team captain, but he wasn’t chosen to do that during the spring season. He now has a year on the program to show his tenacity and dedication, showing off his film studies and all that stuff, and he’s earned the respect of his teammates, ”said Hill.

“He was one of the leading votes so he deserves to be the captain. In all honesty, he has won my trust in the way he does his business, ”he continued. “I am excited to see how he will deal with this atmosphere at the University of Utah and this very good defense.”


Davis said he expected the WSU’s spring schedule to take a big leap this fall season.

“You already know the playbook and what to do. This spring season showed us what our weaknesses were and what we need to improve, and I think we did that this summer, ”said Davis. “In the spring season there were little things we should have done and there would have been big games after big games. If each of us gets our eleventh place and coach (Matt) Hammer gives the game, we’ll be great. “


Hill spoke more Monday about his decision to make Grant Duff and Joe Dale co-defensive coordinators this season, and stepped down from the call-up himself.

“This will give me the opportunity to … be more like the head coach, manage the game, make suggestions on both sides of the ball and special teams,” said Hill. “I used to be so lost on the defensive that, to be honest, it was difficult for me to pay as much attention to the offense as I wanted. The same goes for special teams.

“I think that gives me the freedom to do a little more game management. It certainly set me free during the week where I can see more films on each side of the ball than just one and make more suggestions for an opponent’s overall game plan. “


Jonah Williams, the former WSU defender who served in various roles with the Los Angeles Rams, was named to the team’s initial 53-man roster on Tuesday. He will join defenseman Taron Johnson (Buffalo Bills) as WSU alums in the active squads this NFL season.

Offensive lineman Iosua Opeta, who started two games for the Philadelphia Eagles last season, was not on the team’s 53-man roster released on Tuesday.


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