ACY Securities Launches Pip Hunter Trading Contest


Leading multi-asset online trading provider ACY Securities has announced the start of its new Pip Hunter trading competition with a total of $75,000* in bonuses for 50 winners. It runs for six months from 1St July – 31St December 2022.

The Pip Hunter trading contest follows the successful $1 million 1-year trading contest that ran from July 2021 through fiscal year end June 2022.

Whether you are a trader looking to showcase your skills or a fund manager looking to showcase your returns and attract new investors, the Pip Hunter Trading Contest is the perfect platform.

Peter Pan, Market Analyst said, “We have been running trading competitions for several years now. And we’ve spotted many traders who went pro and massively improved their performance. At the same time, even after the competition, these competitions create a different kind of camaraderie among a wide network of traders. This is in line with our goal of educating and developing professional traders using ACY’s technology platform.”

Powered by ACY’s Money Manager Ranking (MMR) algorithm with advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence, the competition will rank traders based on a range of metrics such as profitability, risk management, long-term stability, risk-adjusted returns and drawdown levels.

Ashley Jessen, Chief Operating Officer, added: “In previous competitions, the focus has been on the highest win percentage, with no relevance to how much risk they took to achieve their incredible returns. Our new MMR ranking is 100% focused on finding the best potential fund managers that can deliver consistent returns with minimal risk. Ultimately, we want to find the traders with a risk profile that regular investors would want to manage their funds with.”

So, if you have a sane trading plan that you want to put to the test, now is the time to sign up and join the Pip Hunter Trading Contest.

The Pip Hunter Trading Contest not only provides traders and fund managers with a platform to showcase their trading skills and strategies, but also aims to create a community of like-minded and success-oriented people who can share their experiences and ways to become professional to become a dealer.

To enter one of the most unique trading competitions in the world today and see how you compare to your fellow trading peers, go to today.

*Australians are not eligible to receive prizes under Australian Law (ASIC). When an Australia-based trader achieves a top 5 position, they receive a Certificate of Trading Excellence. Please refer to our terms and conditions for further details.

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ACY Securities is one of Australia’s fastest growing multi-asset online trading providers, offering extremely low-cost trading, rock-solid execution, technologically superior account management and world-class market analysis. The main pillars we work on are transparency, customer focus and technology. With a track record of serving clients since 2011, we are well positioned to take care of your trading needs.

About Trading Cup

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The Trading Cup is the ultimate stage for traders to showcase their skills while interacting with other traders in a competitive and social environment. The 2020 Grand Final was broadcast live around the world from Macau’s Studio City esports arena.


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