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Johnny Coming in his work clothes. (Courtesy of Carmen Bartolo)

Johnny Coming, a native of Bainbridge Township, is honored in Hollywood for winning the Writers of the Future contest for his short story The Island on the Lake.

Each year, the competition welcomes a wide range of fiction entries for a chance to be included in the Writers of the Future anthology series.

Coming, a 2015 graduate of Kenston High School, now lives with his fiancée in Columbus, where he is studying law at Ohio State University.

“I only did it as a creative outlet, but it became a passion,” Coming said. “My story is set in the modern world and focuses on a father and son who return to an old cabin they own, without revealing too much, supernatural things begin to happen.”

Coming has been a writer for as long as he can remember, writing for recreation and telling stories in his spare time. He found inspiration in authors such as Stephen King and Brandon Sanderson.

Coming says that anyone who wants to follow a similar path should read as much as possible and practice often.

“It’s crucial to take the time to write,” Coming said. “You have to record as much as you can and then set aside time to work on your writing, it’s hard but worth it.”

His story is featured in the international bestselling anthology L. Ron Hubbard presents Writers of the Future, Volume 38″. Following the Black Tie awards gala, Coming will participate in a week-long workshop with some of the industry’s top professionals.

Coming says he’s looking forward to the publication of his first work and believes that if amateur writers want to be successful, all it takes is practice and curiosity.


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